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Four Intents of SEO : Our Day To Day Process

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SEO Importance
In this post, we are going to deal with the 4 intents of SEO that which we practice in our everyday life. SEO is such a broad concept that it will take days for an expert to explain it thoroughly to a newbie. But before you even start going crazy, analyzing the different concepts, techniques, keyword and stuff, it is highly recommended that you will know what the different intents of SEO.

What do we mean by intent? It is more of the very reason why a person is using the search engine. What is his intent why he goes to Google, Yahoo! and Bing and does a search. Basically, there are four intents of SEO. These four are not foreign to anyone. Most of us are even doing 2 or 3 out of the four in one go.

The following are the four intents of SEO

#1. For transaction

This intent revolves around the buy and sell structure. This dwells more on the marketing searching which will be of good use especially on the buying and selling aspect.

#2. For commercial

This intent is quite close or akin to informational and transactional intent. However, it is not. This intent involves with canvassing. To give a clear example, a person is looking for a cheaper diamond ring. What he does is he will go to search engines and start searching for online stores or jewelry shops selling diamond rings at a cheaper price. What he does is purely canvassing. He is not going to buy ASAP or simply using the information as it is. Sooner or later, he will buy a diamond ring but not at the very moment.

Image Optimization

Image Optimization

#3. For information

This revolves around knowing what’s hot or not in the world of gossip, entertainment, politics, etc. Bottom line, the search is only for informational use nothing more, nothing less.

#4. For navigation

There are some instances when a person forgets what the URL of a website is. Therefore, what he does is go through a search engine and key in a keyword that he identifies with the website. Viola! In just a matter of seconds he will have the URL of the website he is searching for.

As you might observe, whether it may be looking for the latest news or trying to search for great deals, you will always use search engine for that. This just shows that search engines form part of our daily lives. Without search engines.

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