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Five Essential Kitchen Gadgets

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Traditionally, the kitchen is the heart of the home and for as long as gadgets and time saving-devices have been around, from mechanical to digital, its surfaces have been home to one of these devices or another.

The essential gadgets are also the staples – the ones beyond fad or fashion that no contemporary kitchen would be complete without. These are the things that make your day smoother and your eating and drinking more pleasurable. They can also look as great as the tea, coffee, toast or smoothies they produce. So what are the kitchen essentials?

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#1. Kettle

The most common and most indispensable of kitchen gadgets, the humble electric kettle, has liberated us from pans dangerously bubbling over and hob-top monstrosities with piercing whistles. Also, it helps brew that great British balm that solves everything – tea – countless times a day. They can be as stylish as they are useful too – whether you want a traditional domed style in Stainless Steel, or a jet-black Delonghi kettle in jug form.

#2. Toaster

A toaster may be thought of as a humble gadget, but where in the world would you be without one? Most likely in a smoke-filled kitchen, coughing and sputtering as you bread turns to charcoal under the burning heat of the grill. You’ll have no such trouble with a toaster that has cut-off and variable settings as well as defrost and reheat buttons. While you can get models with six slots, in titanium, leopard print and canary yellow, nothing beats a classic bulky and gleaming chrome toaster for style and function.

#3. Coffee maker

These were once less commonplace in the British kitchen, but are now as ubiquitous as kettles, because for most 21st century caffeine-freaks, instant simply won’t do. Coffee makers tend to have an air of style about them – even the most basic models have an aura of sophistication and depending on your favourite way of enjoying it, you’ll have to choose from grinders, bean-to-cup machines, filer machines, espresso machines, cafétieres, milk frothers and more.


#4. Juicer

A good juicer will take away the arm-work of grinding citrus fruits onto a ribbed glass dome when you’re only half awake. A juicer doesn’t just have to be a device providing you with a daily dose of vitamin – there are also wheatgrass and green vegetable juicers, which will make it easier for you to get your full dose of daily vitamins.

#5. Blender

Whether in hand-held or jug form, this great American invention is another gadget that will help you on your way to that five-a-day. Use your blender to create the freshest, sweetest most vitamin-enriched smoothies and the heartiest soups. Once you’ve realised all the things you can do with them, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one.

The Co-operative Electrical can provide you with all these gadgets and more – stylish and compact devices that won’t take over your kitchen but will enhance your life.

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