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Five Do’s and Don’ts to Avoid SEO Mistakes

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In this post, we are going to check out 5 do’s and don’t in order to avoid SEO Mistakes to stay safe and enhance your business opportunities. There are a lot of things to be concentrated in SEO, like-wise there are more chances of going wrong as well and this may even lead to getting banned from the search engines as such. Some times you may try out few black hat techniques in order get rapid results. Here are few tips which can help you avoid the most common mistakes.

#1. Avoid Excessive Usage of Flash

It is a tendency of a web developer to beatify the website by adding the flash contents, but this is of no use when it comes to SEO as the search engines do not index such flashy stuff and it’s always advisable to provide HTML version, which the search engines can easily crawl.

#2. Use Less Java Script

Bots that crawl your website, will fail to crawl the JavaScript files, and may also avoid the entire block which is stuffed within the script as well. Even the text content which is embedded in the java script block can also be ignored by the bots; hence, it is recommended to use minimal amount of java scripts in a page.

#3. Add Robots.txt File

Basic goal of adding robots.txt file is to have control over the content that is crawled by the bots and you can even prevent the unwanted users and bots from entering your website. It is advised to add this file root folder so that the bots can easily follow your instructions, and not try to access the restricted sub-directories like /admin.

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#4. Targeting Profitable Keywords

Very often, SEO professionals target wrong keywords and end up with poor rankings in the search engine, and feel that they had tough luck; hence it is very necessary that you target right kind of keywords. Choosing the right keyword will have a direct impact traffic flow to your site, and it also advised to make use of few tools like Google Adwords Keyword Tool to take a look at search volume, competition, and search trends, before you decide upon your desired target keyword phrases.

#5. Don’t Forget the Long Tail Keywords

Targeting short keywords will not help mush because many websites will be concentrating on it, and the competition levels will be really high… rather than doing this, you can always target the long tail keywords for which the competition is less.

Concentrating on long tail keywords is quite a tricky game as you will need to be very specific about your product or service, but the chances of having a good SERP is high as such.

So, follow these 5 golden tips, and see the difference in the traffic levels of your website, and see your business grow in a matter of few weeks!

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  1. I read somewhere too that if you want your site to be more SEO-friendly, minimize or avoid the use of Flash. But if that’s not a concern to you, you can do as you please!

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