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Find all of your Facebook friends who are using Twitter

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Twitter and Facebook are the two most popular Social Networking websites with many applications and tools. These are the considered to be the best Social Networking websites to share your Websites, Business and other needs. Here is the New application to find all your Facebook friends on twitter. This application join your with your Twitter followers who are also using Facebook. First of all your need to login into your Twitter as well as Facebook.
And then just follow the few simple steps to find your Facebook friends on twitter.


  • Then a new tab will be opened. As you are already login into your Facebook account it will directly redirected. If not log-in here in this page.
  • And click on connect.


  • Then as shown in the below picture, the page will be redirected to your Twitter account.


  • Then you need to allow the access over there.


  • Finally, the work is done your Facebook friends will be added to your twitter by clicking on the Follow these people.
  • If you want to share this application with your Facebook friends you can also publish this on your wall.


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