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Know a Few Safety Android Apps That Every Woman Should Have

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There is bad news all around the globe related to dreadful incidents against the women safety. And it is time that women everywhere take things in their own hands and fight for their safety. In today’s world every person has a smartphone and what could be better than using it for your safety and as a weapon against all evil odds. Here is a list of few must have android apps for every women.

• iFollow – Ladies Safety

safety android apps

In a situation where you feel unsafe and insecure, you just have to shake your cell phone three times in a five-second window and the rest will be taken care by your phone. Once the app is triggered, it will make a call to a preset number and if that number isn’t reachable, a message would be sent to all the people in the premade list along with your location.

• Nirbhaya : Be Fearless

safety android apps

This is a much similar app, which allows you to add your contact groups and also your Facebook friends to the app list. The app would send out a danger message along with your location to your added contacts. Also, all the app users will get danger alerts if they enter an area, which is listed as potentially unsafe.

• Sentinel Personal Security SOS

safety android apps

If your phone dies for some reason or goes out of range for over a certain limit, this app automatically sends an alert to others by messages, email and even phone calls. The alert also includes your location, travel direction and the travelling speed.

• Scream Alarm

safety android apps

Being a woman, you might start to feel insecure when you are alone. In any situation of insecurity while you are travelling in a cab or rick, you can tap this app button to create loud noises to attract the attention of close-by people. The sound produced is so loud that it can reach to a hundred-meter radius.

• Go Surakshit

This app is little different from the rest. Here you can have four ways to notify others of your insecure situation. With a single tap on the Help button, the app sends out a SMS to the pre-fed numbers, updates an alert content as your status on Facebook, calls a preset number and also turns on the loud alarm to seek other’s help.

A woman can feel much safer in the unexpected world out there with these apps. So, ladies download the app today to welcome a safer tomorrow.

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