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Faceoff : Firefox 4 vs Chrome 10

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A fruitful and enjoyable internet surfing experience is nothing without a capable browser. For years Mozilla Firefox, the second most popular browser in the world, has been an excellent alternative to Internet Explorer, providing numerous features including live bookmarking, spellchecking and extensions — the latter of which are software add-ons that make the browser wholly customizable.

Then came Chrome, Google’s effort to outmatch Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Firefox, and it performed admirably with an abundance of its own features. The latest editions of each browser are Firefox 4 and Chrome 10, and the competition is fierce. So which one should you download? Decide after considering the following facts.

Here are few Great Comparisions Between Firefox 4 and Chrome 10

#1. Speed

  • Both offer fast booting speeds, and really, the difference between the two is negligible.
  • But for the sake of competition, we’ll declare Firefox the winner.
  • When opening major websites such as facebook.com and youtube.com, it finishes loading each page the quickest, which can be attributed to Firefox’s efficient use of memory and target “new” HTML5 processing.
  • When Chrome was released in late 2008, its speed was unprecedented, but it seems to have fallen back to the pack — not to imply it’s slow because it certainly isn’t.
Mozilla vs Chrome Speed Test

Mozilla vs Chrome Speed Test

#2. Appearance

  • The appearance of your browser undoubtedly affects its efficiency and simplicity.
  • Firefox has changed drastically, adopting the smooth Chrome look and losing its classic blockiness.
  • The tabs are now located above the URL bar, making the browser easier on the eyes. Both can be described as low-maintenance, as the tabs and controls on them occupy little space.
  • Again, ultimately the difference is negligible, but we’ll go with the shiny new Firefox.

Mozilla vs Chrome Appearance

#3. Usability

  • Both are easy to use, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have their flaws.
  • Firefox’s address and search bars are separate, an annoyance considering that Chrome has combined them.
  • On the plus side, you can organize and efficiently browse through your tabs with target “new” Firefox’s Tab Candy, which comes in handy given how often we multitask while using the internet.
  • But because Chrome is so streamlined, we’re going to side with it on this one.

Firefox vs Chrome Usability

#4. Features

  • The aforementioned Tab Candy is one of Firefox’s most useful features.
  • Both Firefox and Chrome synchronize bookmarks and transfer them to other devices, which is great for people who spread their work among different locations.
  • Firefox’s extensions have always one of its greatest benefits, and many of them have become essential to the internet use of its longtime users. In some cases, Firefox users refuse to experiment with other browsers for that reason.
  • Similarly, Chrome offers tons of web apps that also enable you to customize your browser.
  • Which you prefer comes down to personal preference, but we’ll take Firefox’s features for this edition, mainly because of Tab Candy.
Browser Features

Mozilla and Chrome Features

#5. Final Decision

  • As you’ve probably gathered by now, Firefox comes out on top, at least in our humble opinion.
  • Since Chrome was released, it has been the beneficiary of oodles of favorable reviews, and for good reason.
  • Despite being the third most popular browser, it has positively influenced its competitors, forcing them to create even better products, and the latest edition of Firefox serves as evidence of that.
  • Thinking about upgrading Firefox? Now is a great time. Thinking of switching from Chrome? Download Firefox and try it yourself — there are legitimate reasons why it’s target “new” so popular.
google_chrome_and firefox-features

Chrome and Firefox Conclusion

Ultimately, it’s a matter of personal preference. Both perform their jobs dutifully.

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Alvina Lopez is a freelance writer and blog junkie, who blogs about accredited online colleges. She welcomes your comments at her email Id: alvina.lopez @gmail.com.

10 Comments to Faceoff : Firefox 4 vs Chrome 10

  1. sorry cant agree,the startup time of FF still sucks and chrome feels lighter and faster and also the websites (typography) looks better and clearer (atleast 2 me).Better hardware acceleration still stays with chrome…i was a hardcore FF user until Chrome 10 beta came out,i liked chrome also but the annoying crashes kept me away from it and now after that being fixed im kinda addicted to it.Chrome FTW

    • Siddartha

      @Srikar I’m loving FF currently. I’m a mad lover of Chrome few months back, but it gave me really annoying experience which made me to switch to FF. FF Rockz!

  2. Nice article about Firefox 4 vs chrome but i think author forget to compare about IE 9 because its also getting good response from users…..even Microsoft’s team saying that IE9 is consuming less power then other rival.

  3. nice article i think it become very difficult to give ranking to fire fox , google chrome and internet explorer9. all the three have almost same performance and features but i personally used all of them and found firefox the best one

  4. agree with sreekar….even i feel that chrome has a slight edge over firefox if compared for boot time…at the same time i must admit that hfirefox has come a long way…

  5. I’m one of those people that don’t want to switch from Firefox because of the plugins. I’m not using that many, but the ones i use are indispensable for my work.
    Only problem is, Firefox 4 and Firebug 1.7 have some problems when they work together. I had no problem with Firebug on FF3.6, but once i upgraded to Firefox 4 every time i open a new page or tab i get Firebug popping in out of nowhere. It’s a known problem and i’m waiting to get fixed.

    Regarding the speed, it’s indeed a lot faster than FF3.6, but i’m not sure it tops Chrome. True, i have no plugins installed in Chrome, but stil…
    One of the biggest problems FF3.6 had was its speed, it got worst by each new version. I’m glad they at least fixed this in their FF4.


  6. MillerTime

    I go between Firefox 4 and Chrome (now 11) all the time. And I have decided that Firefox is, in the end, the better browser. On boot times, FF4 is faster (for me) when opening Facebook, Twitter, and my webmail pages. It has to do with the new hybrid Java engine Mozilla is utilizing. Heavy Flash pages, like the games you see on Facebook also handle far better in FF4. Chrome does seem faster when streaming video, especially when using Netflix and Hulu, but over all, the feel of FF4 is more polished. I see Chrome always coming close enough to the number two spot to keep driving innovation in other browsers, but never quite getting there because Mozilla will just take what really works and build on it.

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