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Official Facebook Phone : The INQ Cloud Touch

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In this article we are going to check out what is a Facebook Phone and revealing the specifications and functionality of the Facebook Phone which was launched by INQ and named it as INQ Cloud Touch and in addition to this, we are going to deal with few Hot discussions and rumours that were going around the world about this Phone.

Facebook is the social networking giant that came out of nowhere to expand into the largest single user-powered Internet asset with over 500 million users. With the smartphone revolution of the last few years, it was obvious that Facebook would figure large in the market. Facebook usage would be one of the central uses of the smartphone, with users able to update their status on the fly, upload photos as taken and keep track of their friends.

There are a host of Facebook apps for every flavor of smartphone and cellphones, the company recently purchased an Israeli company that specializes in building apps for old fashion “feature phones” that will drastically extend their reach. What the world has been waiting for is a Facebook phone or a Facebook smartphone. This would be a phone that was made specifically to make Facebook the center of its operation, one button access to photo and status updates as well as other automated functions. Well, the phone will be here, soon anyway.

Facebook Phone at Europe First

INQ is a European cellphone manufacturer and they just launched the “INQ Cloud Touch,” the companies “official” Facebook smartphone. This is something that Facebook alternately denies and downplays, the reasons are not clear, but the company has not officially endorsed any smartphone as an “official” Facebook phone. In other comments, INQ points out that “any phone” can be a Facebook phone. It would seem that while FB is not offended by the effort, imitation being the sincerest form of flattery, it is also not interested in being associated with any one handset.

Facebook phone

INQ Cloud Touch - Official Facebook Phone

The latest big news is that just as soon as the Facebook phone was released in Europe, the FCC approved it for a U.S. market release. The units were tested using the GSM 850 and 1900 MHz bands, as well as WCDMA, all of which would seem to indicate that this “Facebook phone” will be released on AT&T, but AT&T to date refuses to comment on the issue, so speculation is flying everywhere about the carrier and what, if any involvement that Facebook might have.

What makes this a Official “Facebook Phone?”

Physically, the smartphone is pretty much the same as any other device. The Cloud Touch sports a Qualcomm 800 MHz processor and a 3.5-inch touch screen. It also has a sliding QWERTY keyboard, a 5-Megapixel camera, for a little Face Time no doubt, 512 MB of storage, GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

The unit runs Android 2.2 Froyo and, overall, it is a “middle of the road” mid-range smartphone, not bad, but not ground breaking. Well, nothing here suggests that it is a Facebook phone, so what’s all the fuss about? What makes this a “Facebook Phone?” Mainly, just the home screen, the interface, and the close tie-in to Facebook functions using apps and dedicated functions with the brand, “Facebook” featured prominently and, well… That’s it.

facebook phone - INQ Cloud touch

Official Facebook Phone - INQ Cloud Touch

Experience Facebookin’ with this Dedicated Facebook Phone

What makes this a Facebook phone is that the home screen is completely devoted to Facebook and its operations with four main Facebook functions that have buttons right on the home screen. The People button links to a news feed of friends’ updates and other activities, the Events button will show your invitations and other activities, and there is also a Notifications button and a Places button that accesses Facebook’s geolocation service.

The speculation that this will be released on AT&T is also matched by speculation that it will be a very subsidized handset, with retail cost at $30 – $50 with a service contract. Facebook is very popular in the US, and this Facebook Phone could find a large and receptive market. While it is hard to imagine a professional opting for a Facebook phone for professional reasons, the average social butterfly or teen will be very motivated to have a phone that allows direct and instant access to Facebook functions.

Or will they? With an appropriate app, any phone can be a Facebook phone, so it is unclear whether or not there is a significant enough advantage with this unit to warrant buying it. Then again, this is the land of the Pet Rock. Most anything can sell for some very silly reasons, so why not this Facebook Phone.

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Jon T. Norwood is a managing partner at High Speed Internet, a site dedicated to providing information on Internet providers and technology.

7 Comments to Official Facebook Phone : The INQ Cloud Touch

  1. Michael has got it right. Why will anyone opt for such Facebook phone when you can operate Facebook comfortably using Iphone. Even a simple smartphone has got FB apps and Android had rocked recently. So, I don’t think this will be a grand success. Correct me, if m wrong.
    Btw, thanks for the information.

  2. Whether it is a Facebook phone officially, or not, teens will get crazy for it and run to buy it, even if they have already a smartphone. Teens, especially girls, will definitely love it; they love new thinks anyway. Thanks for presenting it, Jon.

  3. jareed constance

    k the iphone sucks badly i had it and it has to many glitches and such i just got the INQ and its never had any problems its really simple to use

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