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Facebook is a Stolen Concept of Mark Zuckerberg? Its My Idea

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A 28 year old Indian named Divya Narendra, have filed a complaint against Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in US courtroom. Narendra filed a complaint that, he(Narendra) with his former class mates(Tyler Winklevoss and Cameron Winklevoss) at Harvard University has charged Mark for stealing their idea that they conceived more than a year.

Facebook current value is $37 billion, which is certainly a massive and unpredictable amount that a Social Networking site is expected to earn with in such a short span of time.

The Social Networking movie on Facebook have been creating a buzz around the world that Divya Narendra from India, claimed that Facebook is not the idea of Mark Zuckerber as it was him(Narendra) and 2 of his former friends from Harvard University worked on the idea that they conceived over a year.

Divya Narendra said

I spent almost one year developing the concept and searching for programmers along with two of my classmates to build what was then called Harvard-Connection.com, which was a social network for Harvard students which was to expand to other schools. When I heard about Mark Zuckerberg for the first time in the fall of 2003, he seemed like a natural fit to join our team. Three months later, Facebook launched and all the time and effort I had put into my vision had been taken away” Narendra told to Economic Times.

facebook original founders

They (Narendra and Twins) initially tried to convince the Harvard’s administrative board and the president(Larry Summers) for taking action against Zuckerberg.

But, finally they had to file a complaint as it is the matter which is outside the jurisdiction of university. While the initial settlement had been reached in suit, around $65 million, but it was reopened on May 2010. If this current suit goes in favor of Narendra and his friends they may claim $465 million for the loss.

Facebook denied to comment on this new conflict story.

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15 Comments to Facebook is a Stolen Concept of Mark Zuckerberg? Its My Idea

  1. Well, I don’t know what they have done all these years. If they want to file a lawsuit against him, they should have done that before itself. After seven years they’re shouting that this is their concept.

    BTW Sid, the value of FB as of today is reported to be around $50 Billion and not $3.7 Billion.

  2. It alls seems to be some sort of marketing stunts. There is neither any observation nor concrete story behind that. What the hell they were doing for so many years…waiting for Chancellor to get $65 million from facebook ?

  3. In today’s fast paced tech era, the idea belongs to those who “ACTS” on it right away and do not just “sit on it for a year” and waiting till someone else gets success with it.

    I have ONLY 2 simple questions for Narendra —

    1. If it was his idea back in 2003 and if Mark stole it and built Facebook.com on top of it and became a millionaire, why did he (Narendra) wait 7 years to start this “foul cry”?

    2. Why didn’t he convert his idea into something big right away and why did he feel cheated ONLY after Facebook (both the social network site and the movie) became huge success? Isn’t that too good to be a coincidence?

    Go get a life buddy. World has already enough losers who play this game to generate some buzz using popular people. If you really think you are a genius, then why don’t you come up something to prove it? May be something even bigger than Facebook!

    • @All The act of narendra is already done in 2004, for that Zukerberg had paid $65 million but it was after The new Social Media film the fire started again in 2010.
      @Sathish yea sry bro, by mistake 3.7 was placed instead of 37 Thnx for correction.
      @Vibin its a old injury which is new to the world occured again because of that New Social Media movie!

  4. Its pretty damn hard to copyright an idea, especially if its in your head.
    I think it comes down to who got on and actually created the thing. They can say it, but they never did anything, so they could be making things up. Anyway, what idea did they have? It’s just a social network, there are heaps of other networks that follow the same principle. There was no new idea in it?

  5. Who knows what had happened and how it had happened. Even if Mark did copy the idea, it does not matter now since Facebook has already become quite popular and will be worth a lot more in the future. Even if they win the case, it is still win win for Facebook and Mark

  6. Thanks for the post. It’s another case that confirms the rule: Don’t talk about your invention; take action now before others eat you alive. You snoose, you loose!

  7. I watched this in The Social network movie… thoroughly loved watching it. But, its not a great decision of Narendra to get back to the case when they’ve got the compensation already.
    Its better to avoid discussing about your discovery in public… otherwise it gives rise to controversies like Facebook.

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