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New Extended Wi-Fi from Amped Wireless

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Amped Wireless, as the name suggests creates Wi-Fi boosters for internet signals. Their most recent releases allow for a wireless signal to be boosted one and a half miles. By using t smart repeaters like the SR600EX, which repeats a wireless signal from a router or other access point, and access points like the AP600EX Wireless- N Pro that acts like a router/access point and extends the range and speed of your wireless network.

There was not an office I worked for or an apartment complex I lived in where I didn’t wish I had a better wireless signal. As convenient as WiFi is, there are limitations, range being the most annoying one. There is nothing more frustrating than being limited to a couple of rooms, or inside the house. On a nice day, you sometimes want to take your laptop outside or by the pool. Now thanks to Amped, you can take your laptop anywhere on your property or even down the street. With the new 1.5 mile range, there is no more worry about dropping connection.


With a 600mw amplifier and a high gain bi-directional antenna, the SR600EX repeater can assure you can take your wireless computing further than before. It can even sit at the end of a wired network and allow building to building connectivity. The key to their extended range is the use of the amplifier. Where most WiFi access points only have 50mw of output, the amplifier allows 600mw to give it a longer range. The signal is then optimized by the high gain bi-directional antenna to give it the best range and performance. Though the setup is ideal for large professional and residential compounds, even the home network can utilize the extended range, especially for larger homes and properties.

The SR600EX and the AP600EX both include a power over Ethernet adapter and a 30ft power over Ethernet cable for locations that have limited access to power outlets. With True Plug and Play, setup is easy. Just plug the AP600EX into your routers network port and you’re ready to go. The device even includes security software to secure the extended range.

As with all Amped Wireless products, the SR600EX and the AP600EX comes with waterproof enclosures for inside or outside mounting. The devices even include desktop stands, wall mounting and pole mounting kits to give you options for getting the best signal based on your needs. With such range you would expect this setup to be too expensive for the common customer however with the price around $180, you can break your range limits without breaking the bank.

If you are feeling limited by your WiFi network and would like to break the shackles, Amped Wireless may be the solution. With their new line of access points and repeaters, you can take your computing further than ever before without compromising performance and reliability. Their products will available at most retailers or online at the Amped Wireless store. Take back your wireless network and extend the possibilities.

Peter Tarkington is a website consultant and content contributor for wirelessinternet.org, a site which tracks advances in wireless internet technology and its current providers.

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