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Experience better Online Gaming expericience: Playstation3!

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A gamer? A Sony fan? A PS3 owner? If you are any one of these, then I have a great news to share it with you!  Sony, The manufacture of PS has announced a great additional feature for its Playstation 3 Customers this week back. They are working on PlayStation Plus; a new online service for PlayStation three owners. This will not affect any feature of the free PlayStation Network service, but would provide game downloads, auto-patching and other exclusives features to Playstation three customers. Isn’t it cool? Yup it is!



What’s the coolest thing is now you will be able to do cross game voice chat (just like you chat on Skype, Yahoo or any other Internet Messenger)  on the PS3 with the help of this new service. This new service is similar to Microsoft’s Xbox Live Gold service. This also enables the players to switch between games without any interrupt in voice chat. Cross-game chats must be started by a Plus member, but they can include non-Plus members as long as the premium subscriber is present.

Being a plus member you will enjoy certain benefits such as early access to beta testing periods and will be provided playable demos. Plus members will also be able to play some full games for up to an hour before choosing whether to buy them or not.
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They will also get access to the already-launched Qore premium video series, which offers glimpses at new games and gamer culture.

The premium service would be launched just tomorrow (28th June) and will cost $49.99 for one year or $17.99 for three months.

Price seems to be a little high, but Playstation three users who want extra features and benefits would have to shed there money on this service for sure.

Would you subscribe it? Do let us know!
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