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5 Essential Tips for Windows 7 That You Must Be Aware off – Part III

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We have introduced the Essential Windows 7 Tips and Tricks series recently. With this series we are going to share the essential Windows 7 tips, essentials that everybody must be aware off. We have framed a set of series of Windows 7 Tips and Tricks, How-To’s, Troubleshooting articles and we are going to post them regularly. So, stay tuned for exiting series of Tips and Tricks.

In our First Article on the Series we have discussed about the first part of the Series 5 Essential Tips for Windows 7 That You Must be Aware of – 1, 5 Essential Tips for Windows 7 That You Must Be Aware off – Part II in this article we are going to Check 5 Best Tips for Windows 7 that you must be aware off – III. Its our third post in the Series, Dont forget to Comment and Subscribe us for more exciting stuff.

#1. Add a Videos Link to the Start Menu

The Windows 7 Start Menu includes links to your Pictures and Music folders, but not to your Videos folder. If you watch a lot of videos and want a link for them on your Start Menu, here’s what you have to do


  • a. Right-click on the Start button and select Properties.
  • b. On the Screen that appears, go to the Start Menu tab and click Customize.
  • c. In the dialog box that appears, scroll to the bottom, look for the Videos section, select “Display as a link,” and click OK and then OK again.

If you’d prefer that Videos display as a menu, with links to files and submenus, instead select “Display as a menu”.

#2. Get a Power Efficiency Report

Have a laptop and want to get more battery life out of it?

Windows 7 includes a hidden built-in tool that will examine your laptop’s energy use and make recommendations on how to improve it. To use it:

  1. Run a command prompt as an administrator. To do this, type cmd in the search box, and when the cmd icon appears, right-click it and choose “Run as administrator.”
  2. At the command line, type the following:

powercfg -energy -output \Folder\Energy_Report.html

Where \Folder represents the folder where you want the report to be placed.
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  1. For about a minute, Windows 7 will examine the behavior of your laptop. It will then analyze it and create a report in HTML format in the folder you specified. Double-click the file, and you’ll get a report — follow its recommendations for ways to improve power performance.

#3. Switch to a projector

Windows 7 provides a standard way to switch your display from one monitor to another or a projector – just press Win+P or run DisplaySwitch.exe and choose your preferred display. (This will have no effect if you’ve only one display connected.)


#4. See Taskbar Thumbnails without a Mouse

If you’re a fan of using the keyboard rather than your mouse whenever possible, you can move your cursor from icon to icon in the taskbar without a mouse — and still see thumbnail previews. Press Windows key-T, and you’ll move the focus to the leftmost icon on the taskbar. Then, while still pressing the Windows key, press T again to change the focus to the next icon to the right. You can keep doing this as long as you like.

On using “win+t” key, we can observe the following


#5. Take control

Tired of the kids installing stupid softwares or running useless applications you’d rather they left alone? AppLocker is a new Windows 7 feature that ensures users can only run the programs you specify.

Don’t worry, that’s easier to set up than it sounds: you can create a rule to allow everything signed by a particular publisher, so choose Microsoft, say, and that one rule will let you run all signed Microsoft applications.

  • Launch GPEDIT.MSC and go to Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Application Control Policies > AppLocker to get a feel for how this works.

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