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5 Essential Tips for Windows 7 That You Must Be Aware off – Part VI

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We have introduced the Essential Windows 7 Tips and Tricks series recently. With this series we are going to share the essential Windows 7 tips, essentials that everybody must be aware off. We have framed a set of series of Windows 7 Tips and Tricks, How-To’s, Troubleshooting articles and we are going to post them regularly. So, stay tuned for exiting series of Tips and Tricks. In our Sixth Article on this Series, let us check about what we have already discussed about the initial parts of the Series.

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#1. Pin Up the Folders which are Mostly used

Windows 7 allows us to pin the folders we use most on your taskbar.

Follow these steps as shown below..

  • Simply hold your mouse over the favorite folder then click left/right button, and drag it onto the taskbar. It automatically pins itself to the Explorer Jump List.
  • That’s it, we pinned our favorite folder to the taskbar
  • To open that folder, make right click on the Explorer icon and select the folder you want.

The pinned folder will be shown in a separate pane named as “Pinned”.

#2.  Turn Off Password Protection to save some time

If we set a password for accessing our user account, then we need to enter it each and every time when we log-on to windows. Logging into windows without entering any password will automatically save a few seconds of time.

If we are the only person who use our computer, then it’s better to turn off this option.

Follow these steps to disable that particular option….

  • Type “control userpassword2” in run command and press enter, then a window will appear as shown below.

  • Uncheck the option “user must enter username and password to use this computer”.
  • Then press “Apply” button and press ok.

#3.  Disable Unwanted System Sounds in Windows 7

In order to play the sounds we hear in windows 7, system resources are being utilized. So if we disable these sound effects we can gain some speed and also free some system resources too.

  • Type “mmsys.cpl” in run command and press enter.
  • Then a sound window will open, in that select “sounds” tab.
  • Set sound scheme dropdown box to “No Sound” and uncheck the “plays windows startup sound” checkbox as shown below.

  • Then press “Apply” and next ok.

#4. Disable the Thumbnail Preview Feature to speed up File browsing in Explorer

The thumbnail preview feature in Windows 7 will show the small thumbnails of the contents of a folder instead of showing its icon. But this feature really takes up some system resources. So by disabling the Thumbnail Preview feature in Windows 7 the file browsing in Windows 7 explorer can be speed up.

Follow these steps as shown below

  1. Type “control folders” in run command and press enter.
  2. Then a Folder option window will open, select “view” tab in that.
  3. Mark the check box named “Always show icons, never thumbnails”.
  4. Press “Apply” button and ok.

#5. How to disable the Search Indexing Feature in Windows 7

Follow the below steps to disable the search indexing feature

  • Right Click the “Computer” Icon in the desktop and select “Manage”.
  • Click “Services and Applications” in the “Computer Management” window.
  • Click on “Services”.

You can see a lot of services listed there. Look for “Windows Search” in that.

  • Right Click on “Windows Search” from the list and choose “Properties”.
  • The “Windows Search Properties Window” will open up. From “Startup type” click on the drop down menu and choose “Disabled”.
  • Click “Apply” then “OK” and that’s it. The Windows 7 Search Indexing Feature is now disabled.

If we want to completely disable the search indexing feature in Windows 7 you can set the Search Indexing Service to “Manual”.

Otherwise we can select our required option as given in the combo box list.

That’s it; by following all these steps will certainly increase the speed and performance of our Windows 7 operating system.

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10 Comments to 5 Essential Tips for Windows 7 That You Must Be Aware off – Part VI

  1. Hello, my name is David and this is my first computer with Windows 7 installed. So I am having to learn as I go . These tip are very useful as the one difference that I have noticed between XP and Windows 7 is that 7 uses a lot more memory than XP. I only have 1 gigabyte of memory so I have to shut down and reboot the computer after about five hours of use. After that long, the computer is using sometimes as much as 90% of the physical memory and it gets sluggish. So this will help immensely at least until I can install more memory. Thank You for this information.

  2. I am used to XP and recently installed Windows 7 in my Laptop, I am finding difficulty especially when multiple files and folders are open with same type. I am learning windows 7 functionality slowly, Thanks for sharing the tips for Windows 7.

  3. I’m big fan of XP operating system, mainly because it provide speed and performance I’m looking for. Recently I installed Window 7 in one of my Laptop and I’m getting really annoyed with slow performance and speed. Applying all the tips mentioned in your blog to my window 7 operating system and been noticing lots of improvement and good performance lately. Thanks Mahesh.

  4. nice article mahesh! also i had like to add to disable the UAC (User account control) security feature that is absolutely not needed and is a waste of system resources! 🙂

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