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6 Essential SEO On-Page Optimization Tips – Series 1

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In this post, we are going to deal with Essential SEO On-Page Optimization Techniques for best results.

I am sure some of you must be sure that there are two types of search engine optimizations which will affect the search engine rankings, the off-page and on-page factors. We will be discussing here more on the on-page factors which will help you to make your SEO efforts fruitful and build the foundation for long-term benefits.
I have decided to split it up into two posts, so in the next two series, you will find me discussing about the on-page SEO factors.

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Let us start,

6 Essential SEO On-Page Optimization Techniques for Best Results

#1. Use Relevant Keywords for the domain name

  • Everything starts with your domain so the same applies to the name of your domain as well.
  • If you are thinking of creating, a good SE Optimized blog then the domain name and the main keyword phrase of your blog should same or at least it must have close relation.
  • It would be great if your blog’s name is also in relation with your targeted keyword phrase.

#2. SEO Optimized Titles

  • It is best to get to see that the titles are optimized for SEO search engines.
  • In other words, title-getting SEO optimized is one of the most important on-page search engine factors.
  • Implementing this will depend on what your blogging platform is going to have, like whether they are going to have SEO plug-ins or add-ons, or the themes have the option inbuilt etc.
  • WordPress is the most convenient which has loads of SEO plugins and themes like Thesis comes SE Optimized.
  • Whatever your platform might be make sure you write a good SE optimized titles for your post.


#3. Pay attention to anchor texts in links

  • When you are looking for on-page SEO optimization there are two main points and factors to be reminded of and what is the best thing for you to do is to optimize your posts and pages with relevant links from the keyword phrases which are well spread throughout the internet.
  • Make sure your external links are built to the URL using the targeted keywords only, do not mess up.
  • Apart from anchoring keyword rich articles, it is always good to link your blog posts with your old posts, this is called internal linking which will also help to increase the number of page views.
  • This is one of the most important steps that should not be forgotten while performing on-page SEO for your blog posts but do remember not to over do this.

#4. A Perfect Debut paragraph

  • When you out in so much of your efforts in penning down the titles, learn also to write a very good beginning that will capture your visitors and also the spiders.
  • Make sure you add your targeted keywords in the first 4 lines of the first paragraph but make it look natural, one or two times would do well.
  • A good debut will also keep your readers engaged and should be compelling to make them read further.
  • In addition to keeping the first paragraph highly SEO optimized, keep them meaningful to make the reader read further with sense.

#5. Use Sub-Headlines with Keywords

  • Sub headlines are used to make your article look more informative, easily readable and to understand, and this will make your article look much presentable.
  • It is always a good thing to use your targeted keywords as your headlines with <h3> tag as Crawlers love them the most.
  • This will also make the readers think that your article is informative and will keep reading.

#6. Good Permalinks Structure

  • The link structure Permalinks, is really important as it signifies an important aspect. If your category is also focused on keywords then do add it in the structure if not then you must include the post name which will help you to rank better.
  • Now you have some idea of on-page SEO optimization, there is much more to do, which youwill get to know in the next part.

Stay Tuned for the next part and Comments are appreciated!!

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  1. Yes Praveen usage of relevant keywords is most important element in blogging. If we don’t use it in right way then we are doing big mistake. Which method do you use to find best keywords? Share with us!

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    Nice work and I will come back for sure to learn from you.

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  3. This great on page Seo tips . I think Sitemap is also important in one page Seo. fresh content will give you better result.
    Thanks for sharing..

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