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Enjoy Dedicated Server Hosting with ServerClub

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ServerClub is one of the most attractive dedicated server hosting provider with ultimate price options to choose in-order to meet your requirements. As, I have said in my first sentence they offers a wide range of dedicated servers to choose with cheaper and reasonable price when compared to other providers.

You can use ServerClub’s Dedicated Server hosting for your websites without any hesitation, as there is no need for you to bother about the security of your website as it is hosted in the safest servers on the planet. Thus after checking everything, the ServerClub is certainly providing nothing but just the dedicated servers for your website/blog/business.

The Servers of this Dedicated Server Hosting service were supported with best and most advanced equipments from Cisco systems, only industrial Xeon processors, hardware raid arrays and many more which are having 24/7/365 day quality support.

They provide the services with great deal of servers, instead if you are not satisfied with the performance they were ready to buy a specific server that suits your needs. Here is the list of models that they provide currently.

  1. Dell R210
  2. Dell R210 SAS
  3. Dell R410
  4. Dell R510 SATA
  5. Dell R510 SAS
  6. Dell R610
Server Club Dedicated Server Plans

Server Club Dedicated Server Plans

Server Club Dedicated Server Plans

Server Club Dedicated Server Plans

They provides excellent services that which helps us to setup the hosting instantly within few minutes after the payment, as we have discussed in the above sentence these hosting services were cheap and affordable hosting providers even though they offer large variety of traffic plans and possibility of unlimited bandwidth.

I consider ServerClub as a time saver which is going to be the one single stop that which suits your business needs regardless whether they are critical Large scale or simple Small scale business requirements, they suits the best.

Here are the various plans they offer

You are allowed to choose the best plan among the 3 Fixed plans provided by them.

  1. Unlimited Traffic Plan : This erases the boundaries for traffic restrictions and provides you the excellent opportunity to stop thinking about the memory utilized by the web server.
  2. Limited Volume Traffic Plan : It calculated the traffic which allows you to pay based on the number of GiGa-Bytes of memory that you have used.
  3. 95th Percentile (Burstable) : It is the process of measuring the bandwidth used based on peak utilization. You need to pay for Mbit per second in this plan. In this first 5% peak utilization of server will be ignored and you need to pay for remaining usage only.

Conclusion : ServerClub is one of the best Dedicated Server Hosting provider which is having exclusive plans that suits our needs and they offer these services at affordable price and you can setup the servers within few minutes. These plans also suits for each and every kind of buisness requirements regardless whether its large scale or small scale.

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  1. My blog still not reach the big traffic, then there’s no worry to purchase a dedicated yet. However, your dedicated is strong.

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