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Easy Ways To Develop Backlinks

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One of the main foundations of making our blog well known is creating backlinks to your site. And sad enough its not like you can just post links own your own blog and call them backlinks. Backlinks are when you have links pointing to your site from another webpage out of your own domain.

Here are some easy to tips to develop backlinks as fast as possible and easily.

# 1. Comment

Comment on blogs and websites that have a comment section and that allow you to post URL’s. Make sure you try to regularly comment.


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# 2. Forums

A great place to build links is on forums. Try communicating with forum members and try to post about things you wish to share or have questions about.

blog commenting

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# 3. Guest Post

Do guest posts on other peoples  blogs or sites. People love it when this happens. But make sure you can add a hyper-link to your bio to help increase links. And try commenting on there blog as well.

Write for GadgetCage

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# 4. Social Networks

Get social on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. And try to build links there. Twitter is esp good for SEO as long as you don’t use URL shortener’s.

Social Networking websites

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And there is our 4 tips on easy ways to develop back-links.

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18 Comments to Easy Ways To Develop Backlinks

  1. As much as I know many popular social bookmarking sites are not “dofollow”
    Here is a link to Mani Karthik’s reply on Linkedin discussions :
    “Does anyone know whether links from these social bookmarking sites count as links or are considered “no follow” links: digg, reddit, stumble upon, delicious”


  2. Good Compilation. In simple words you have given the mantra of backlinking. Good article. However, expected some new ways. These are all text book ways 🙂

    • @Bimal Hello Bimal, I will surely write the tips for Guest posting with in this week. Stay tuned 😀

  3. Developing backlinks to your own blog is not a one day or two day job. You have to work hard for this and one thing i like to add commenting only on dofollow blog is not as good because google sees that you’re commenting only on dofollow which is not good so comment on nofollow blog also.

  4. I have learnt all the methods of creating backlinks but only one i have not tried i.e. Forums. I don’t know how to create backlinks with the help of forums.

  5. Good tips – this is the longer way to create backlinks, but this will be seen as a natural process by google and will contain quality backlinks – not quantity. I feel sorry for the people that buy 1,000 backlinks for $10 – this is all rubbish!

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