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Earth Day Special: Facts Infographic

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Earth day is founded by United States Senator Gaylord Nelson to create awareness for the Earth’s natural environment. Natural Calamities are caused due to the Global Warming. We, The computer users are responsible for it. Some interesting facts and a Mind-Blowing Infographic is listed below:

Fact #1. By the Year 2017, the whole World would be Online.
Fact #2. If Computers around the World are Turn off for one night, The energy saved would be useful to Light up the EMPIRE State Building for more than 30 Years!
Fact #3. If 100 Computer users Shut Down their PC’s after the end of their Work day, The pollution reduced would be equivalent to taking 3 cars(approx.) off the road in a month
Tip: Turn off your Computer using TweetMyPC
Fact #3. Spam Emails produce the equivalent pollution produced by 1.6 Million Cars driving around the Earth.
Fact#4. A single Google Search produces same amount of energy by moving a Car by 3 inches.


Official Earth Week logo that was used as the backdrop for the prime time CBS News Special Report with Walter Cronkite about Earth Day 1970.

Tip: Turn off your Car Engine while you are stuck for more than 2 minutes in the traffic or near a signal light. Do you want your Children to drive a Car in future or not? So save Gasoline for their future. Save the nature.
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Below is a very interesting Infographic on Global Warming.
Earth Day
Credit: WordStream

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  1. gr8 facts sandeep! didn’t know a single google search can be equivalent to that much CO2 emission. In the honour of EARTH DAY, i have changed my profile pic on facebook to create awareness. thanx for this post! 🙂

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