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Do I Need a Blog?

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Blogging Tips
The word blog and its concept should no longer conjure images of the cyber geek; home alone on a Saturday night, the click-clack of keyboard rising to a raucous crescendo as rantings, from political injustices to the inaccuracies of eleven features in the latest fantasy computer game, pepper his screen. No, the blog has now evolved into an increasingly powerful online tool.

It has been known to propel contemporary writers, previously unknown, to new heights of fame, and spawn political geniuses, technological pioneers and even award-winning screenwriters. And now, more and more, its power is being harnessed to promote online business; because it works!

The point is: fresh content. Search engine eyes ignore stagnant sites. What is meant by this is that sites that display out-of-date content will never see the light of day. Maintaining and running a blog on a regular basis causes your site’s content to be constantly and regularly changing. Updating titles and content tells search engines that you have a site that is dynamic and new, housing relevant and up-to-date information. This should inevitable result in your SEO rating soaring sky-high.

Blogging Tips

Another great technique with online business blogging is to pepper your blog entries with links that constantly lead back to your site. Like wild flowers amongst daisies, throw in active content that constantly draws attention back to certain features or specials you have on offer. This will increase activity on your site and, once again, make you stand out to the probing specter of search engine optimization.

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Your blog is potentially a footstool – scratch that – a leg-up, to your site. There is a huge probability that some visitors may be directed to your blog way before they see the most important features of your site. Like the fly stepping into the parlor of the awaiting arachnid (for lack of a better metaphor) you’ve attracted a potential client by either the allure of your enticing blog content, or they’ve stumbled into your web, unaware of what awaits but having a vague idea of where they are. Either way, the trick is to now keep them snared. And that is where your blog’s primary function activates.

Depending on your skill as a writer and promoter of your business (which should be exceptional – who knows your company better than you?) you can move your snared bounty directly back to your site, and guide them, by way of new features, promotions and specials, and the active links we spoke of earlier, to lucrative points of sale for you and a wonderful and satisfying online experience for them.


One of the most important points to note about your website blog, is that it offers you the dais, the platform to showcase your knowledge and experience in your chosen industry or field. When it comes to your business, you are the authority, the ‘big cheese,’ and nobody knows your business like you. Your blog should be saturated with your notions on the industry, and the path you see your company following as you process to the destination of your envisioned success. Write with confidence and knowledgeable prowess, write about your passion, your business, and that confidence in what you do will shine through to all who read your blog and visit your site.

It cannot be stipulated enough just how important it is for your business, that you include an online blog to your features. Apart from lending your site a human factor, and not just the static anonymous website feel, blogging could potentially allow you to become a professor of your field, as you share your knowledge with the world while, at the same time, increasing the value and credibility of your business. Keep working at it; don’t let it saturate and your blog could lead you to a treasure cove of willing visitors and potential investors, or more accurately: lead them to you.

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Siddartha is a Blogger from India. He is currently working as a Java Front End developer and he loves writing about tutorials, technology, algorithm, etc. You can follow him on Twitter | Facebook | Google+. You can subscribe to GadgetCage RSS Feed or Email Notifications.

3 Comments to Do I Need a Blog?

  1. Good points with respect to blogging, Siddartha.

    I know that in the past, many sites would have a simple product or service oriented landing page as their home page, but these days, especially in light of the points you mentioned in this post, it seems most beneficial to have your blog as your root landing page.

    This is how I have my site set up now and I am very pleased with it.

    Great writeup.


    • Siddartha

      Hey mark Glad you liked it. Yes, these days its important to make sure that even our Landing Page must let the visitor understand what we offer.

      Thanx for Comment. Stay Tuned 🙂

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