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Dilbert Files – Send Files without Attatchment

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There is no easier way for sending and emailing large files. Send big files from Outlook (Express), Windows Mail, or your web browser. There are various plans availble. Its just like ZIP-ZAP-GO!

  1. Choose your Plan.
  2. Setup your Account.
  3. You are Done!

With DilbertFiles, you can send up to 2GB files through email, without cluttering the recipient’s mailbox. High-resolution pictures, complete CDs, or even DVDs: you can transfer them without problems! You can email video, send music and email any type of file you want.

You also get your own online hard disk where you can organize files in folders and share files and folders with others. You can even create photo galleries by just uploading a few pictures.You can send any type of file you want. This of course includes sending video files, emailing music and sending movies.
If you exceed your monthly limit, your new account month will start automatically.

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