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Demolition Dash Game Review

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Recently we were one of the lucky few to ‘test-ride’ Demolition Dash iPhone game that has been developed by Dreamfab GmbH and Co. KG for Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The game will hit the Apple store today, 26th May, 2011. The theme of the game is demolition of metros like New York, San Fransisco, London, Moscow by a red monster, Zilla. The Monster likes to destruct the Major cities of the World.

Just imagine, if a 15 feet monster in pink color is destroying your town by creating heavy threat to money, lives and other things, and the armed forces were completely powerless to stop its destruction and were helpless by seeing the monster just having the fun. This is what the Demolition Dash game is all about, controlling the monster from the attacks of armed forces.

The player should control the monster and go through the levels. The players should collect the food for the Zilla for transforming it into a super zilla, collecting Red stars make him to transform as a Godzilla. If you make a late jump, health of the Zilla decreases and its tail shortens. The challenge in the game involves in collection of balloons, destroying billboards, knocking over garbage cans etc., and this varies in each challenge allows you to add a good amount, but this collection along with accomplishment of challenge is really an interesting task.

Take a look at the screenshots below:

 Demolition Dash Game Preview

 Demolition Dash Game Preview

The Demolition Dash is loaded with exciting graphics and animation which makes this game as one of the best Smartphone games till date. The main goal of the game is to leave the path of demolition and to save the cities from violent gangs. The Zilla can blast away the opponent/enemies with his mighty roar and clear the path. This Game is having 24 levels to finish and you need courage, agility to master all these levels to complete it. I think it’s one such a game that can give good deal of competition to Angry Birds game.

This Game is about to release today, on  May 26th with 8 cities around the globe like Paris, Moscow, London etc., and none of these cities is safe from Zilla’s rampage. So, get ready with your iPhones and, iPads to play this exciting game.

Normal version for iPhone and iPod

HD version for iPad and iPad2

Here is the Video Preview:

Stay Tuned!

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