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Cutting Edge Technologies for the Golden Years

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Technology makes life easier. Having a gadget at your beck and call to store information you may not have on your own is almost too good to be true. You can remember dates and medical records; you can make lists and track your progress; you can even manage your weight, sleep schedule, and exercise routine.
As we grow older, new technologies can oftentimes seem confusing. But it’s important to know that there are many senior-friendly gadgetson the market today that can greatly improve your functionality and ability to conquer the challenges that come with age. Technology has the potential to improve all of our lives, and with the right user-friendly gadgets, you can reap the benefits of the many new-fangled devices.


Your New Socialsphere

Perhaps technology’s most expansive improvement to daily life is its ability to connect people, and this advancement is also available for senior citizens. One of the greatest challenges for the elderly is facing loneliness. However, tapping into a senior-citizen social network on a cell-phone, tablet, or computer will bring hours of socialization and the potential for meeting new friends or companions.

At the moment, the main social media for seniors is called Stitch. This network is designed with seniors in mind and connects people based on their similar interests. Other social networks, such as Gold Girls Network and virtual senior chat-rooms, are popping up for the same purpose of connecting like-minded individuals looking for roommates, friends, or a simple conversation. Connecting with an online social network set up specifically for seniors is a great way to combat isolation and get out there into the community to find new companions.

Voice-Activated Devices for the Home

For technologies that make life at home a little easier, there are devices on the market that are capable of assisting seniors with daily tasks. Voice-activated devices, such as Amazon Echo, are convenient and cost-effective ways to increase the safety for an elderly person living on their own. Now, it’s possible to turn out the light, water your plants with the sprinklers, and turn on the heat in the winter all by using your voice. You can even ask Echo’s ‘Alexa’ service to schedule reminders for you or read you the news and weather report. For seniors, these devices make life much more manageable and decrease the risk of unexpected falls and mid-day fatigue.

The Future of Senior Care: Robots!
Believe it or not, some medical facilities focused on memory loss are already using robotic animals to improve relaxation and ease in patients with anxiety. Because there is always a need for more caregivers, robots that can deliver medical assistance are an efficient advancement in technology with the security and health of seniors in mind. While robot caregivers might not ever fully replace human nurses, this is a significant step in the right direction and will surely be advantageous in the future.

With a world increasingly ruled by the convenience of technology, it is no wonder that there are many devices on the market to improve the life of senior citizens. Joining a senior social network or using a voice-activated device around the home can make aging a little less complicated, and make any senior feel like they are keeping up with the times!

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