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Cool Toothpaste Heads from Spread Heads

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Introducing the latest Toothpaste Heads from Spread Head to experience a new way of brushing. These are the exciting models that will make our brushing interesting and funny everyday. No doubt that this is a product that was introduced for kids. You can motivate your kids to brush their teeth by placing them simply by replacing the existing toothpaste cap with Toothpaste Pete or Oscar. With its lovely stunning avatars the kids especially enjoy their brushing everyday.
These adorable Toothpaste Heads replace your boring old toothpaste cap with cute little animals. Brushing your teeth will become fun with Toothpaste Oscar and Pete.
This products were available with 2 variants.
  • Toothpaste Oscar (cat)
  • Toothpaste Pete (dog).


Toothpaste Pete


Toothpaste Oscar
Here us the simple way that makes you to know how to fix it to the normal boring toothpaste cap.


Initial View Before Fixing them.


Back view of the Heads.


After Fixing them.


Experience the New way of Brushing.

Interested in buying it:

Spread Heads themselves providing the direct shopping in their website. Visit the Spread Heads website and buy them.

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