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Cool Sundays : 5 Funny ATM Machines in the World

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Cool Sundays : 5 Funny ATM Machines in the World. After whole lots of exciting and tight schedule on many Technology, Internet, Gadgets, Software stuff through out the week, we are again back with our Cool Sundays.
In this Competitive world, we are obviously stucked with our tough works through out the week. So, we are currently providing you the exciting and funny stuff to make your mind relaxed on Weekends. In precedence for these steps we brought the Cool Sundays Concept for all our readers to enjoy your Sundays with full of fun and excitement.

Cool Sundays

Here is our Cool Sunday’s article for this Week : 5 Funny ATM Machines in the World.

#1. Funny Design and Kiddy ATM

Funny ATM

One of the best ATM Machine Design, I have ever come across. I liked it a lot and though of sharing it with it. Its such a tricky idea with ATM Machine encrypted inside a peace of Cake designed with whole lots of exciting stuff.

#2. Treasure ATM

Funny ATM Machine

Great ATM Design with creativity. Another crazy design, which is available at a Amusement park.

#3. Low Fix ATM

Funny ATM Machines

Most Funniest ATM machines I have ever seen, Instead of drawing money from the ATM by standing we need to sit on the floor and happily draw Money, Crazy isn’t it?

#4. Elephant Design ATM

Funny ATM Machine

One of Strangest Designed ATM with whole lots of creativity.

#5. Draw Hard ATM

Tough ATM

How hard you work to earn money, you need to work that harder to draw money. Lolz one of the toughest and funniest ATM design to draw the cash.

#6. Mobile ATM


Where ever you Go, our ATM follows. The Mobile ATM now follows you.

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