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Cool Sundays : 5 Crazy Technology Creations in the World

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Cool Sundays : 5 Stupid and Crazy Gadgets on the PlanetAfter whole lots of exciting and tight schedule on many Technology, Internet, Gadgets, Software stuff through out the week, we are again back with our Cool Sundays.

In this Competitive world, we are obviously stucked with our tough works through out the week. So, we are currently providing you the exciting and funny stuff to make your mind relaxed on Weekends. In precedence for these steps we brought the Cool Sundays Concept for all our readers to enjoy your Sundays with full of fun and excitement.

Cool Sundays

Here is our Cool Sunday’s article for this Week : 5 Crazy Technology creations in the world.

#1. United First Suite

Its the first class suite at United Airlines with whole lots of crazy stuff like 15.4 inch flat panel monitor with digital and multimedia sections like video, music with different selections of movies, Television, Video Games and many more.
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It also provides USB port, A set of noise cancelling headset, Ipod Converter, 110 volt Laptop power plug(universal) and many more exciting stuff.

crazy flight

#2. Crazy Multi-Tasking Technology

IKEA’s So many possiblities caption tells us the exact thig, Its a bath tub with many more possibilities like dish wash bar and what not give your own description after viewing this picture

crazy technology multitasking

#3. Crazy Headset

A Japanese company desined this crazy earphones and earbuds. These ear phones comes with different options like bananas, Cat paw, Bolt and many more exciting designs.


#4. Crazy Gun Shaped Egg Fryers

Urban trend company have designed these crazy Egg Fryers the makes you cook egg in the shape of a gun.

crazy gun egg fryer

#5. Crazy Asterisco (Pendrive)

A pendrive with multiple and simply itโ€™s a USB hub that come in all shapes and sizes and its one of the craziest USB I ever found

crazy asterisco

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