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Common Mistakes Committed by New Bloggers

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A common mistake that most bloggers commit is expecting to get rich quickly by blogging. There are many blogging experts out to teach you how to create great content that your readers would always like to read. Listening to these experts, you may feel that blogging is fairly easy and you can earn big bucks from it.

However, you have to remember that successful blogging is more than just writing good content. To make a fair amount of money from blogging, you need two very important qualities other than being able to write great content: you need a lot of patience and a great technique.

You have to start by accepting the basic fact that to be well known on the internet, you have to be around for a long time. To gain and maintain a good readership base, you have to write original and interesting stuff. You have to prove yourself over time and slowly build up the reputation of your blog. Mostly, new bloggers are too impatient to wait for their blogs to gather traffic and they quit before they can establish themselves.

Of course, there are bloggers who started a month ago and are very famous. But they are either celebrities or have celebrity friends. For ordinary bloggers, this type of overnight success is rare to achieve.

These are some of the common mistakes committed by bloggers when they are starting off. It is good to learn from others’ mistakes and try to avoid them ourselves.

#1. Lack of content

  • When you start blogging, it is good to have some content ready.
  • Prepare 4 or 5articles that you can post as required.
  • Once you are blogging regularly, then you can reduce this number to 1 or2.
  • The benefit of this is, you always have some content up your sleeve if you are pressed for time and cannot write.
  • This confirms the regularity of your posts.
  • For the blog to be successful, regular posts is a must.

#2. Nothing different

  • There is no dearth of information on any topic on the Internet.
  • Your blog should have something different to offer.
  • Do not hesitate to speak your mind.
  • Discuss Something new; provide a new point of view.
  • Remember that the more innovative and creative you are in your writing, the more the readers will take notice of your blog and keep returning to it.

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#3. No references

  • Keep in mind that your blog has worldwide readership.
  • Be responsible in your writing.
  • Whatever topic you are writing on, your readers will appreciate if you city proper references.
  • This shows that you have researched your topic well and also allows the reader to read more on the topic if they want to.

#4. Read related blogs

  • This way you will be in touch with what others in the industry are saying.
  • Also Leave comments with links to your blog; this will increase traffic to your blog.

#5. Too many ads

Too many ads will distract the readers from the main content of your blog. Either They will find the site too flashy and not return again or they may get interested in the ad content. Either way, your purpose is defeated.

Thus, to be a good blogger, be focused, relevant, write consistently and above all, be patient.

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Borden is an internet marketing enthusiast and has some decent SEO expertise. He also owns Hghreviews.org a health care blog where he writes reviews on human growth hormone frequently

Siddartha is a Blogger from India. He is currently working as a Java Front End developer and he loves writing about tutorials, technology, algorithm, etc. You can follow him on Twitter | Facebook | Google+. You can subscribe to GadgetCage RSS Feed or Email Notifications.

5 Comments to Common Mistakes Committed by New Bloggers

  1. And the problem is that most new bloggers make those mistakes. I’ve lost count of people coming to me and saying they want to open a blog and make some cash. These king of people open a blog having no knowledge of what it means to monetize it, they have no idea for content and simply expect to roll in money in 2 months without realizing how much work and time the process involves.

    • Or even worse, sometimes I have friends who told me how easy it seemed to make money online (they were watching me for some time) and thought they could do the same.

      Well I was in this position to be honest, a few years back 😛

  2. Hi Siddartha, Thanks for the post! New and great content is a must for any blog. being creative and having original content will bring more people to your blog.

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