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The Clash of Giants : Google “The Alexander of Millennium”

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Google Google Google……. They are entering into each and every field and aiming the King’s chair in the field they have entered. According to me Google is the Alexander the Great of the Millennium.
Google have been disturbing the Giants of various fields with their arrival. Straight away they are throwing down the challenge.
They have challenged the Giants like Microsoft, Yahoo, Apple.
These companies have been striving to maintain their impact but at the same time feeling the heat of Google. As a result there have been lot of disturbance and depression going on.
Lets Check out How Our Alexander The Great Acted and implemented his ideas.


Google’s Web Field Combat:
They have been successful in spreading their empire from Google Search Engine to Google Applications, by which they had just digged Yahoo, who’s on the No 1 place at the times.
Presently Google holds the King’s Chair in this field. Yahoo have lost the race and Joined hands with Microsoft to combat with Google, but we have to wait and see what is going to happen. Now the Thorn is in Our Alexander’s hand.

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Google’s Operating System Field Combat :

Not Satisfying with that, they have thrown the challenge to Microsoft by entering into the Operating System Development field.
Fortunately Microsoft has woke early after the failure of Vista and made its attempt to stay No 1 in its field by releasing Windows 7, setting the Google Domination in this field to question mark. But Google still kept on trying to Dominate and increase the pressure on Microsoft.
So, Microsoft is taking few Business measures to keep Google on the Back-foot.
Our Alexander wont accept the failure, He will bounce back like a ball with new strategies. Be careful Microsoft.


Google’s Browser Field Combat :
Google have even entered into the Browser’s market by throwing down the challenge to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple’s Safari, Opera etc with its Chrome.
Though it struggled a bit initially but its now got something that’s attracting the users towards it. This is a big bother for the IE and Mozilla who are the 2 giants in this field previously.
But now the number has been increased to 3.
Presently 31% of users use Internet Explorer, 29% Use Mozilla Firefox, and 24% Use Google Chrome Browser. These statistics show how close and how hot the combat is going on for the No 1 chair in the Browser market.
We have to wait and see how our Alexander will win the race.

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Google’s Social Networking Field Combat :
Here the situation is different. Google trying to Invade other Streams, in the process it lost its own, well established Social Networking Stream.
Google’s Orkut which has ruled the Social Networking field previously is facing the tough situation because of Facebook and Twitter.
So Google have decided to rule them out. As an initiative to that process Google Have introduced its Google Buzz which is encrypted in its Gmail.
And also taken few measures to bring back the Orkut to its Domination, but Facebook and Twitter were ruling this field still. We have to wait and see how our Alexander will try to recapture his throne.
Google’s Mobile Market and Network Field Combat :
Google entered into Mobile market and as a initiative to that they have started the counter attack on Apple’s iPhone. They Strongly believe that “The best best way of Defensive is Attack and Best way of Attack is Counter Attack”.
So they have unveiled the Google Nexus One. Apple is really concerned about this and trying to be the best in this business by taken the preventive measures.
This is a small Story that tells you how this Combat Between Google and Apple started.


On 6/29/07 Apple released the sleekly designed iPhone, Showing off what it does best. Apple’s wild success in the mobile market sets the stage for upcoming duel.

On 11/05/07 Google unveiled its mobile platform, Android, giving it away for free to any mobile phone vendor wishing to use it. This is Google’s first foray into the mobile marketplace.

On 9/2/08 Google released its browser, Google Chrome. Thought Google already pays to be featured in the safari search toolbar, Chrome is its effort to compete with Apple’s browser and other browsers like IE, Mozilla.
On 10/22/08 Google launched The Android Market, its copycat version of Apple’s Apps Atore, for the T-mobile G-1 Phone.
On 7/28/09 Apple rejected the Google Voice iPhone app form being sold in Apple Store, drwaing attention to the companies competitive relationship.
On 9/3/09 Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, step down from Apple’s board of directors. Although the folks at Google deny the suggestion, its seen by many as retaliation for Apple’s rejection of Google Voice app.
On 11/9/09 Google acquired Admob, a mobile advertising platform particularly popular on the iPhone, just weeks after the company had been appreached by Apple about a possible purchase.
On 1/5/10 Google released the Nexus phone, its first-ever brand-named hardware device, targeted at the mobile market. many see the phone as a direct attempt to take part of Apple’s dominant market share.
On 1/5/10 the same day on which Nexus Phone is unveiled, Apple involved in the Google-dominated advertising sector by acquiring Quattro wireless, a mobile advertising company.
On 1/22/10 Online video giant Youtube, acquired by Google in 2006, begined to rent movies to users. The launch is seen as a bid to compete directly with Apple’s iTunes store, which also rents movies and shows.
On 1/26/10 Google launched its app Google Voice via its mobile browser in an attempt to circumvent Apple’s July 2009 decision to reject the native app.
On 1/27/10 Apple unveiled its long awaited iPad, upping the ante for next chapter of mobile computing.
In a meeting on 1/30/10 with Apple employees, Steve Jobs said Google’s “Dont’t be evil” motto was a “bunch of crap”, adding, “We did not enter the search business. They entered the phone business. make no mistake, they want to kill the iPhone. WE wont let them”.
In this way Google is successful in creating the heat under the seats of Giants like Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo.

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