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Choose the Best Recruitment Software For Your Candidate Hunt

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Recruitment software

Recruitment software is the modern term used for simplified hiring process. It does not only make your candidate search easy and convenient but also brings you closer to your desired candidates. The recruiting softwares have seen a massive increase in use especially among the big companies which receive thousands of job applications each month.

The recruiting software lets you handle everything related to hiring procedure and makes your work easy as pie.

Must have features of recruiting software

Have you ever wondered about the features your recruitment software must have in order to assist you more efficiently?

There are so many recruiting softwares available which make it difficult to choose one. The recruitment software from Recruiterbox.com is considered the feature rich and low cost software.

The software provides effective solution for all the recruitment steps. It has all the features a performance rich recruitment software must have.


The main features of this software are listed below:

  • Posting an ad- It lets you post a job vacancy as well as manage those ads on all the online job portals with a single click.
  • Searching and short-listing- It lets you search for a specific candidate as well as candidates with specific skills among the pool of candidates. It helps to shortlist the candidates with much ease.
  • Applicant tracking- The software lets you track the status of each applicant going through the recruitment process.
  • Resume Management- You don’t have to handle the huge pile of resumes and search for hours when you need a specific one. The software does it all.
  • Communication- The software lets you communicate to each candidate directly from the software. You can even send an automatic message to the candidates on their email address through the software.

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