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Cheap and Reliable Remote Support Software that suits your Requirements: ScreenConnect

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There are many Remote Support Software(Remote Desktop Softwares) that are existing around the world like Team Veiwer, Bomgar, Techinline, etc which have proved to be most effecient products that helps the Technical Support Staff of the organizations to rectify the troubleshooting problems. But, the problem is most of these Remote Support softwares are too expensive that a normal house-hold computer user can’t afford. Still many organizations because of the desperate situations, they tend to buy these Remote Desktop softwares to solve the troubleshooting issues of their clients. ScreenConnect is one such a Remote Support Software that solves all sorts of commercial elements that you face with the other Remote Desktop Softwares.

Comparison of ScreenConnect Remote Support Software with Others:

The big thing with tools like TeamViewer and Bomgar are they are very expensive, they work  well but they are not cheap. The other tools like TechinLine, GoToAssist, and LogMeIn are hosted which means customers have to pay monthly fees to use their software. ScreenConnect is self-hosted so it’s similar to Bomgar in how its implemented but with no required hardware and much cheaper.

ScreenConnect, developed by Elsinore Technologies, is a self-hosted remote support application. The primary benefits of this product over others is the total control of the implementation and cost since they have no monthly fees required. The product does provide the normal feature sets such as reboot & reconnect, chat, screen recording, and file transfer.

Remote Support Software

How ScreenConnect works?

ScreenConnect works like other Remote Support Softwares, like creating a session and logging into client’s system using the unique ID, and accessing the elements of the client’s system which they tend to fix. Working with ScreenConnect is really an easy job, that a first time user can also gets accustomed to the user-friendly interface of the software.

But, the theory of self-hosted Remote Support Softwares was quite different. Like, you need to install the Software in the host system (a.k.a Technical Support) and they will create a session for the client and gives the client a self-hosted page + unique id.

Where the client need to open that page and enter the unique id and then the session will be created allowing the support team to acess the client system and resolve the issue.

This software is compatible of almost all Top Operating Systems like allows the Support staff to connect Windows 7(host) with Windows XP(client), Windows 7(host) to Linux(client) Linux and other Operating systems like Mac OS X and vice versa.

It is capable of supporting Mutliple Remote users at a time which reflects the fact that it is lite and clean allowing the Support staff to perform work quite easily by saving their valuable time.

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Theory behind working of ScreenConnect Remote Support Software

Then you download and install ScreenConnect you are basically downloading a web application that you are hosting on your own computer or server as opposed to paying for hosting. The web application creates a centralized location that hosts and guests can access via customizable URLs. So now a technician can be on any computer in the world (without a prior install of ScreenConnect) and connect to the web application and create and host a session with a customer. The customer can be directed to navigate to the same web application, via the Guest URL) or be furnished a link via an email. Technicians can create sessions that are publically available, where anyone can join, or sessions that require a code to join. The technician and customer will be supplied secure clients based on their operating system when the connect to a session and those clients are removed after the session completes.

ScreenConnect - Remote Support Software

Features of ScreenConnect Remote Support Software

  • It is capable of allowing client to view the host monitor as well, which helps the support staff to give tutorials etc.
  • It is really light, clean, flexible remote support software that is capable of accessing multiple systems as a time with best reliable connectivity.
  • It is compatible of almost all popular Operating Systems, allowing the support staff to connect to multiple Operating Systems used by the clients and it works really effecient.
  • It also allows you to chat with your clients during the sessions, reboot your customer’s systems in safe mode, and you can also resize the resolution of the monitor automatically with the help of its internal scaling features.
  • Because it is a self-hosted software, you can customize the branding to make it look the way you want and even put in your own logo and color scheme.
  • Regarding the connectivity and other issues, you can just rely on this as it was successful for more than 95% in our tests. We’ve already tested Bomgar, Techinline, but these softwares achieved the reliability of connectivity for only 70%.

Remote Desktop Software

Our Test and Final Verdict :

ScreenConnect Remote Support Software is a self-hosted software allowing the host to access the client system, and client just need to enter the unique id in the hosted page inorder to provide the permission for the host.

It is highly secured, because only client and support team will be knowing the unique ID as well as self-hosted page which doesn’t allow any sort of malware or doesn’t showing any trace for the hackers.

Hosts can provide three ways for guests to join (public session for everyone, a session that requires a unique id, or send session information over via email).

The price is really cheap and it is just available for $275 that allows single active session at a time. I personally suggest the house-hold computer users to use this version, while it is also available for $2750 which allows multiple sessions and this remote support software certainly suits the Organizations well.

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Hope, you liked thisScreenConnect Remote Support Software and you can buy it at from Official Site and you can also download the free trail version for 30-days.

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4 Comments to Cheap and Reliable Remote Support Software that suits your Requirements: ScreenConnect

  1. You are right self-hosted solution is better than hosted solution.
    And there are two types of self-hosted solutions.
    Appliance-based self-hosted solution (such as Bomgar and RHUB) is better than software-based self-hosted solution (such as Teamviewer and SreenConnet).
    This is because you need to have a dedicated computer to host the software to avoid disruptions from other applications, while with appliance, there is low upfront cost and no maintenance required.
    Bomgar is way too expensive. You could consider RHUB (http://www.rhubcom.com/) as a more affordable alternative.

  2. Bringing automation in support services really beneficial for both Web hosting providers and web hosting clients, a lot of time can be saved which is spend for repetitive tasks.

  3. Thanks,would give a try to this software. I’m familiar with Logmein and Techinline and would also recommend to try them out. Logmein has good free version but unfortunately too limited for professional use and Techinline is the best alternative to all expensive remote desktop tools in my opinion.
    Hope this helps!

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