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Calculate the Downtime Cost of Your Business with Downtime Calculator

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Downtime is the word that makes the sense of compromise that refers to certain periods when a system(hosting server) is unavailable because of many reasons like Server Crashing or Hanging, Monitoring, Management, Malfunctioning and many more reasons which ultimately takes away visitors away from us.

Downtime is a common word in the Internet by considering its major aspects like IT Industry, Websites/Blogs. Downtime for Websites/Blogs is very major deciding aspect for success or failure of it. A Downtime can be Intentional(planned) like for maintenance, monitoring, while Downtime can also be Unintentional(unplanned) like Server Breakdown, Hacking and many other problems.

Regardless the case whether it is Intentional(Planned) Downtime or Unintentional(Unplanned) Downtime, we have to bare Hittle or Huge loss of Income, which is an unpredictable. Since, every Website/Blog or even IT industries will have a peak time or dull time. If the server is down at peak time the loss will be huge else it will be bit low. As, a result many Database Managers will schedule their intentional downtimes for monitoring during the dull period inorder to minimize the Loss.
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Inoder to analyse our Loss of Unplanned Downtime, Downtime Calculator is a best tool to know how much damage can it really do?
This will help us definitely help us for IT budgeting.

This calculation will definitely help us to analyse the loss that we have faced or going to face due to unpredictable Downtime. This application is available for Mobile Phone like iPhone, Androids as you can download it from the official website.

The Downtime Calculator is a tool Developed by StoragePipe. StoragePipe is one of the best world-class corporate data protection solution, with few Online services like Online Backup, recovery, electornic archiving and also Business continuity.

The StoragePipe solution is IBM certified organization and also the winner of Top 25 Online Backup Campanies in the world with many more milestones that is proving its impact since 2001.
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