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Bomgar Box – The Ultimate Solution to Remote Support

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Bomgar Box remote support software
If you work in a location where multiple computers are located at a distance from each other, such as office, home computer or laptop, remote support becomes necessary at such situations. Bomgar Box is one such remote support software which enables access to other computers that are located away from you. Thus, it is possible to access computers at home from your office or vice versa and both from your laptop computer. It helps you a great deal in accessing different files as per the requirements.

Bomgar Box remote support software allows you to work remotely from any remote computer and with such remote support you will be able to easily connect to other computers and view its desktop screen just like you would see a desktop screen in your computer.

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Any action performed such as mouse button clicks or movements are transmitted to the remote computer thus giving you an experience of actually accessing the computer.

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Bomgar Box remote support software allows you to perform any computer related tasks remotely which include administration tasks, configuration tasks, support tasks, troubleshooting and many others which you perform on a daily basis.

Another benefit of the remote support is that technical support executives make use of such software to gain access to the customer’s computer in order to diagnose and start the repair process. If you have enough trust on the technical support executives, you can have your computer repaired in no time.

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The remote support software allows you to share data and files to other people on remote computers. A majority of the windows remote support tools allow a single active session for each personal computer, which means that a person will be unable to log on if someone is already logged in.

However, with the use of this software you can connect even if somebody else has logged on. Thus, you will be able to access remote computers and even monitor their activity as long as you are connected to the computer.

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5 Comments to Bomgar Box – The Ultimate Solution to Remote Support

  1. Thanks for your information it is really enjoyable. I really like it. From your information we can know that Bomgar Box is one type of Remote Computer Support Software. Now a days remote support is very essential word to all of computer user.I suggest you to visit http://www.pecon.co.in to get any kind of computer realated problems help from top level and highly experienced Computer technicians.

  2. Bomgar is a nice tool but a bit expensive! I have found an affordable tool called Techinline. Techinline has less features than Bomgar but all the basic features that I need are there such as remote desktop control, desktop sharing, file transfer, chat, reports, etc. I think it is a great tool for $300 per year. And the connection is very easy, I think my clients should appreciate it.

  3. ^ Agreed that Bomgar is very pricey. Did a demo this past year and talked to the sales team a few times but the price did not come down because of the piece of hardware you are buying. We also demoed LMIR https://secure.logmeinrescue.com/, ScreenConnect http://www.screenconnect.com/, and TeamViewer http://www.teamviewer.com/en/index.aspx. Decided to go with ScreenConnect- because SC, like Bomgar, was self-hosted so there were not mounting monthly or yearly fees- one-time purchase. Also they offered iPad, iPhone, Android support included in the price of the product instead of tagging on additional fees. We are very happy so far.

  4. A more affordable alternative to Bomgar is RHUB appliance (http://www.rhubcom.com/). The quality of service is similar (bomgar’s support session functions are a bit sophisticated), but RHUB’s pricing is 10% of Bomgar.

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