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Blogging 101: A beginner’s guide to SEO blogging

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Blogging Tips
With the rise in popularity in blogs and blogging, you might be considering writing something for yourself, or for your business. A blog is an excellent way to promote your business, but it can be painstaking and time consuming to write and update. Offering quality blog content is important, as visitors will come back to a blog that is happening and frequently updated.

Think about your favourite blogs. Do you visit the site on a daily basis to see what’s new? If you do, that’s great. It certainly makes the blogger happy. But, have you considered the effort that goes into writing a blog? Chances are this is something that you haven’t considered, as it looks like the blog post just appears effortlessly.

#1. Keep on top of SEO and online marketing trends

If you’re not currently working for a company but have an interest in SEO or online marketing, then blogging is a great way to demonstrate your interest, and can look great on a resume. It’s also an excellent way to keep track of changes in the industry, so that you can demonstrate this to prospective employers. It shows initiative, and that you are able to stick to a project and follow it through.


#2. Build a name for yourself in the online marketing world

Being passionate about a topic will be reflected in your blog. Like the blogs that you visit on a daily basis, if you take the time to be well read and knowledgeable about SEO related topics, people will start to visit your blog for info on the latest tips and trends.
If you’re not currently working, starting a blog is also a great way to get to know other bloggers, and the potential for networking can be great. After all, it is the online marketing industry, so you never know who will be reading your blog and where it could lead to.

#3. Read other people’s blogs

Blogging Tips

This is imperative to starting your own blog, as it can give you ideas for how you could run your own blog. This also allows you to make your blog unique as possible, without copying another blogger’s topics or style. Finding an area, angle, or even blogging style that hasn’t really been done is an excellent way to make your blog stand out. Writing about something half-heartedly will come across to your readers, who will pick up on the fact that the topic or industry doesn’t hold much interest for you.

#4. First impressions last

Your blog should look nice. There should be a clean, tidy and simple layout, with easy to follow navigation. The site shouldn’t be over cluttered, and the colour scheme used should be easy on the eye.

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  1. If the blog is well established one then its fine to post as a guest there but starting a new blog and then getting a good Page rank for it is really lengthy and annoying task for me.

  2. A. S. Bhasker Raj

    Thanks Siddartha for this blogging guide.

    Bloggers are increasing everyday with new bloggers joining this movement.

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