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BLOGESHWAR! The Clash of Blogs

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Since the dawn of mankind, humans have been fighting. Not only for survival, but also for establishing their supremacy. It has been the drug fueling all wars and ironically is the mother of all inventions.

Keeping this theme in mind we present “BLOGESHWAR”. One who survives after the clash of blogs, will be the true winner a.k.a Blogeshwar!
Inviting all the bloggers to submit their best work under the following categories

  • * Humour
  • * Politics
  • * Masala (Entertainment, Fiction, reviews)
  • * Khichdi (Personal, tech, business, etc.)

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1 winner under each category will be announced on 1st August by a panel of judges. Stay tuned to know who they are.

Loads of stuff to be won every month. From books, gift-vouchers, t-shirts, mugs to Domain names for your beloved blog.

Steps to be followed in order to participate in the Competition

1. Join our fan page @ BLOGESHWAR
2. Post your link on the wall.
3. Your link should start with the category name and followed with the link. E.g- Humour- www.xyz.blogspot.com
4. You can enter in all the categories limited to one post per category.

P.S- More ‘likes’ for your post may help to tilt the decision in your favour.
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11 Comments to BLOGESHWAR! The Clash of Blogs

  1. wow…nice one..

    But there is no category for Blogging related news…

    Only news, politics, humor, kichidi and masala….

    lets try ….

    thanks for sharing this

  2. @Track Tips- Hey! You can upload your links in the ‘Khichdi’ Section. All the suggestions are welcome!!!

    Cheers!! 🙂

  3. @ Rocklshtaar- Thanks a lot man! And don’t worry, this contest is here to stay!!! You will get other chance too!!! 🙂

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