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Bing.com accepting Google but doesn’t accepts Microsoft as it’s Sub-Domain. Im having the Proof

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Bing formerly called as the Live Search or Windows Live Search is the current web search engine from Microsoft. Bing is the new decision search-engine that offers costumer a better and organized search experience even a faster way to make the informed choices. But the fact is the Bing is not still the killer of Google.
But Coming back to what this post actually mean is, this is an interesting and funny thing about the bing.

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Bing accepts every word even numerics as it’s Sub-Domain except Microsoft. Lets Check Out…

Just for fun lets start our test with the rival of Microsoft, it’s none other than Google. Bing.com is tested with Google as it’s Sub-Domain.

Try it out like this google.bing.com

It works!! and the search results which appears here were same as bing.com.

Next, Our test jumps into the court of Yahoo, Microsoft’s Close partner now a days.
Lets try with Yahoo as Sub-Domain.
It worked again!! and the search results appearing here were also same as that of bing.com.
Next, to make it much more interesting lets jump into our page. As we are not having any kind of contacts or relationship with Microsoft, we are unknown to them.
So, We have tried with GadgetCage as Sub-Domain.
It worked again!! and the search results appearing here were also same as that of bing.com.
Trying out not only websites even tried “spam” as Sub-Domain.
spam.bing.com it also worked.
tried with numerical values 123.bing.com it also worked.
So, I finally came to a decision then, that it works for every character. While trying all these, an idea striked in my mind. So, we have tried with lots of examples and why not have a try with Microsoft.
Finally, the Test jumped into court of Microsoft itself.
So, We have tried with Microsoft as Sub-Domain.
It failed!! this is ultimate. it showed page not found error.
google.bing.com works while microsoft.bing.com fails.


This is ridiculous. Bing being the Son of Microsoft, obeying all other Elder’s words even the Google’s who is the rival of his Dad but unfortunately, neglecting his Own Father.

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