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Best 5 Windows Phone 7 Apps for Teachers

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In this article we are going to deal with best Windows Phone 7 apps for Teachers. Today Windows Phone 7 Smartphone is not only used for entertainment; it has wide range of apps to keep up to date with news around the world, socialize and the best of all is apps available for Educational purpose. Here we are about to check out some best windows phone 7 apps for Teachers which helps them to organize their tasks.

The Ed Tech Teacher, Teaching History with Technology workshops has facilitated the importance of using cell phones in colleges and schools. It came up with the idea that teachers can use their cell phones to access information online, which allows for fast retrieving of data than ever. Here are few of the best apps of WP7 which Teachers can use.

5 Best Windows Phone 7 Apps for Teachers

1: Evernote App for Window Phone 7

Evernot - Best Windows phone 7 apps for Teachers

  • Evernote Apps for Windows Phone 7 lets teachers to create notes, find notes, snap photos and allows adding multiple recording voice memos to a single note that can be accessed any time from phone.
  •  The other application also includes search features and a maps interface for browsing notes by any location.
  • It’s free application supports syncs to an online account, enables sharing the data with students via emails, Facebook.It’s one of the best windows phone 7 apps for teachers to manage their tasks.

 #2. Virtual Remote Presenter App for Windows Phone 7

visual remote presenter - best windows phone 7 apps

  • Virtual Remote Presenter is the remote control Windows Phone 7 app for PowerPoint presentations.
  • It will control the slide and allows watching the PowerPoint slide note without any inconvenience.
  • It allows viewing high-quality readable thumbnails of your presentation, which supports the primary laptop screen and as well as the secondary beamer screen.
  • This app is easy to use, also enables users to easily jump between slide pages and the on-screen timer will keep track of your set time. It’s must have best windows phone 7 apps for teachers.

#3. Translator App for Windows Phone 7

translator - best windows phone 7 apps

  • Translator is a great app of Windows Phone 7 for translating foreign languages; this is very helpful to teachers to understand every bit of data they retrieve for teaching purpose.
  • It includes translation from a multitude of languages including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish Japanese and Chinese. Also provides an audio playback of the correct pronunciation.
  • This app is freely available and it is one of the best windows phone 7 apps for teachers who teach for foreign students.

#4. gReadie Best App for Windows Phone 7

gReadie - best windows phone 7 apps

  • gReadie is an app for Windows Phone 7 that is fully integrated Google Reader client; which keeps you up to date with all your feeds directly on your phone.
  • It is of a huge benefit to teachers because every article they refer will be synced back to Google.
  • This app is available for $1.99 and it also support integration with a number of other web based services, to help them to save and share the posts directly from gReadie with students. It’s worth spending on the best windows phone 7 apps like this which does help the teachers.

#5. Voice Recorder App for Windows Phone 7

Voice Recorder - best windows phone 7

  • This app enables teachers to record various Educational related documentaries, taking down notes on mobile phones.
  • It records with extremely good quality and has a simple system for saving, editing and playing back recordings. It‘s a handy companion for quick note taking service and is available for $0.99.
  • You can also save recordings under several headings such as Lecture, Idea or give it a custom name. Recordings can also be emailed to students directly from the app. It is one of the best windows phone 7 apps for education and every teacher would like to have this sort of app in their device to manage things.

Thus these 5 were the list of Best Windows Phone 7 Apps for Teachers to Manage and Organize their work in effective way.

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