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7 Best Ways to Get Backlinks to Your Blog/Website -Part II

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We have already checked out 7 Best Ways to Get Backlinks to your Blog, now in this article we are going to deal with yet another part of Best Ways to Get Backlinks to Your blog/website. You might be looking at the various options for building links for your website and blogs, with a single notion in mind that you want to increase your web page Authority. As, I have discussed few steps to Get Backlinks in my earlier post which I am sure most of you would have enjoyed.

I am back again with yet some other ways to Get backlinks for your Web Pages. Before discussing, let us check out few articles which you might be interested in.

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Here are 7 Best Ways to Get Backlinks to Your Blog/Website

#1. Use Web directories

  1. One of the best ways to Get Backlinks is by submitting your blog to web directory services.
  2. This way you are letting the world know that there is something like yellow pages for your phone numbers that you can find websites using web directories.
  3. This will also increase your chances of getting more traffic and thereby search engine ranking.
  4. Submit every page or post of your website or blog to these directories and it will not take more than five minutes, depending on the amount of the blogs that you are going to submit.

Web directories to Get Backlinks

#2. Forum Posting

  1. Posting and voicing your opinions in forums is one of the best ways to propaganda your blog posts and these forums are extremely important in playing a vital role for building back links to your websites.
  2. You have to choose forums that has do follow options, as in most of the forums the administrators do not allow do follow links.
  3. Add signature with anchor text as your keyword and start posting, please don’t spam.
Offpage Optimization - forum-posting

Forum-Posting - Get Backlinks

3. Article directories

  1. Publish your unique and individual content on article directories like ezinearticles, GoArticles and in other free article submitting Directories.
  2. When you are using such directories it is good to add your links in the about author’s area.
  3. Some directories allow even inside the posts.

#4. Link Baiting

  1. When you are doing this, you are fishing using a net for links.
  2. Baiting is nothing but content is specifically made for only gathering links from the other sources.
  3. Though this is used less these days, it is still considered as a good technique if used properly.

#5. Ask and It shall be Given

  1. When you have tried all other means of gathering back links and have built links, then this is time for now to ask people in your niche area for back links and this way ask and it shall be given to you.
  2. Some give it for free out of interest, so better try.
Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers - Get Backlinks

#6. Join Yahoo! Answer community

  1. You know that Yahoo answer community is one of the active resources where question and answering sessions are highly active.
  2. This way I find that joining yahoo answers, and using this as a chance for providing useful answers using the links of your blog posts and pages will help you in building back links.
  3. But these are no follow links but still these are authority links so these will help you get ranked in other engines other than Google.

#7. Work on networking

  1. Network with others, by taking time to dedicate a post or two per week to link to other bloggers post, which you find is useful for your readers and tell them about the link.
  2. So this will make them repeat the same process in their blog.
  3. By doing this you are building your network socially in the virtual World Wide Web.

Hope you liked our series of Articles on Best Possible ways to Get Backlinks for your Webpages. Stay tuned for more updates.

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17 Comments to 7 Best Ways to Get Backlinks to Your Blog/Website -Part II

  1. well i really dont think web directories really wor k except dmoz and yahoo directory and beign accpeted in these 2 is very tuff.other tips are quite good specially guest posting although my favourite one is article directories and web 2.0s

  2. I must say that you have rightly pointed out the best and the most effective way to get traffic to your site. However, the mode of operation depends upon you, whether you want it all to be done by yourself, or do you need a VA for help.

  3. I have done submitting to web directories, which is a good thing to do. I doubt about forum posting and yahoo answers because there are certain guidelines that I couldn’t really understand. Maybe I’ll try link baiting and networking to increase backlinks.

  4. Well, when it comes to backlinks, I am just cautious about the actual link juice transferred. Out of the above tips, forum posting and web directories transfer hardly any juice due to tons of external links on them. Guest posting, commenting on dofollow blogs can be helpful in attracting a great link juice to one’s blog. Just my two cents.

  5. I’m not familiar with baiting. This is the first time I heard about it I will search for it and try
    it soon…thanks for sharing!

  6. Thanks a lot for a very useful article on link building. I am not sure about the usefulness of Yahoo Answers but all other methods are great way for getting back links.

  7. Writing unique content and good information can be enough for a linkbait. When people notice your website and they like the content, they will put a link on their homepage.

  8. Like you I think that there is no one simple answer. Patience and using a combination of methods including forums, blogs, directories and not a little effort is the way to go. I started a new domain a week back and it has taken me a week to get some links to Leeds in Yorkshire photography.

  9. I’ve had a great deal of success with writing articles for article directories but it is very labor intensive to write good original material.

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