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Best Possible Ways charge our Mobile Phone in an Emergency?

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Today, I’m going to share something interesting. Since past few days, I was facing headache with my Mobile Phone’s battery, as it’s getting drained early and it was unreliable. I had a pathetic experience of losing my way while using GPS, as my mobile switched-off in the middle of the way and I was completely lost 😛

Unfortunately, I was not having a car charging plug. Basically, the battery power of the SmartPhones is pretty low when compared to the normal mobile phones, and if you are running the GPS application on your SmartPhone, the battery cannot even last for few hours. So, it is always better to have a backup or alternative charging device for your smartphone. Without battery, your SmartPhone becomes a useless plastic piece. So, I’ve decided to checkout and list out some of the best Mobile Charging devices that helps you to backup or charge your SmartPhones during the time of the emergency. The Gadgets are highly reliable and they helps you to keep your SmartPhone alive when you need them in emergency.

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Here are some of the devices that I’ve listed.

#1. Car Charger

The Car Chargers are the cheapest and widely used Charging devices. You just need to start the ignition of your car in order to provide the energy slot for charging of your mobile phone. Mostly there won’t be any compatibility issues with the car chargers, but your if you are using an iphone, you need to have an eye on it. You can buy the Car Charger for just under $25.

#2. Solar Charger

Solar Charger is the complete problem solver ahead of any other emergency charging devices.  You can take them whenever and wherever you want, and the only thing that is required is you should have the access to sun. Only issue might be just because of the size of these chargers, but still there are few portable chargers that are available, but the price might be little high. You can buy the Solar Charger for just under $35.


#3. Backup Battery

It is one of the best solutions that I got. Because you can charge this battery Backup device along with your mobile and you can carry it anywhere else and there is no need for you to rely on your car or sun or anything else. Only thing you need to have is to charge it before you start your journey. It has the capacity to charge your device more than 2 times (200%). So, it is obviously a best option and more reliable when compared to others. It is compatible with your Android, and iDevices and works like a normal USB charger. You can buy the Backup Battery for less than $50.

These are some of the best battery backup devices that are highly reliable and helps you to stay connected with the world.

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