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8 Best Spy Gadgets in the Market – Latest and Top Rated Spy Devices

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There are thousands of spy gadgets in the market now a day. But all of them are not equal in case of quality and ability. Spy gadgets should be handy, stealthy, accurate, has long endurance and adaptive. Those are the qualities that you should find when you’re looking for the best spy devices.

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This is my list of best Spy Gadgets available in the market

#1. Key Logger

  • This is a gadget that can crack some secrets, codes and passwords in your computer.
  • By using this device, you can discover some secrets that your partner or even your siblings are hiding.
  • This records every keystroke of the computer’s user.
  • You can use this to discover the other email address of your cheating partner together with their password or the sites that your siblings usually visit.
Key Logger

Key Logger Spy Gadget

#2. Spy Cams

  • I call this device personally as “Chameleon Cams”.
  • They’re very cool, because they can be your regular household things.
  • From a clock to a air freshener to a simple perfume box and almost everything that are not expected to be a spy cam.
  • This gadget can monitor your family’s bold activities. For me, this is the most accurate tools to spy on your spouse.
  • And you can also use this to guard monitor your family against crimes. The best feature of this device is that you can watch its feed from your 3G phone.

Spy Cam

#3. Spy Coins

  • These are coin like gadgets that were designed to hide a something like a USB.
  • You can use this to copy some files from your daily spying without the chance that your spouse or children will discover it.
  • Actually this strategy was originally from the past wars.
  • Typical spies use these tools to send secret messages and codes.
spy coins

Spy Coins

#4. GPS Trackers

  • This device is usually use to track your children’s location. But you can also use this in your spouse, you can also track their locations.
  • And by this technology, you’ll always be updated with their activities.
  • Besides, you can also monitor their security with these tools.
  • Latest mobile phones have this software too.
gps tracker

GPS Tracker

#5. Mobile Phone Jammers

  • This type of gadget can mess up a wireless phone signal.
  • So with this capability, they can temporarily remove the ability of the phone to call or even send messages.
  • You can prevent your chatty neighbors to exploit your secrets to your neighborhood.
  • And can remove the communication of your cheating spouse with his/her other partner.
mobile phone jammers

Mobile Phone Jammers

#6. Anti-Bugging Protection

  • Spy war is not always about the offense, you must also be aware of your defense.
  • Using bugging device on other is much easier than protecting you to be bugged by others.
  • This tool will counter can detect bugging device and eventually neutralize it.
  • So, you’ll felt the security of a bug-less life.

#7. Handy Document Scanners

  • These scanners come with the ball pen design.
  • It can prevent other to detect that your scanning their top secret documents and personal letters.
  • These work like a ordinary scanners do. They copy the image and save it to their built-in memory card.
  • And you can view it in your computer later on.
handy document scanner

Handy Document Scanner

#8. Spy Phone Software

  • This mobile phone software can use to track on your partner’s personal calls and messages logs.
  • It also has GPS Tracking System, Sim change detection and you can actually hear the live phone calls of your partner and his suspected illegal partner.
  • This software is very flexible because of its many features.
  • You can use it by installing this software to the targeted phone and that’s it. You’re now an instant spy.

Spy Phone Software

These devices are very effective. It can easily finish the job. And it comes with the handy design that is perfect for adaptive purpose. But you can’t take away the possibility that these devices can be effortlessly abused by others. Bad people can use these in crimes and stalking. And these devices can also be use in privacy intrusion. So be responsible enough in using these spy gadgets.

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