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Best Orange Mobiles and Their Features

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Orange Mobile Orange Mobile is one of the biggest company in UK mobile phone industry. It is now one of the leading Mobile Phone Networks.Over the years, Orange phones have launched a number of mobile phones. Orange provide variety of services such as talk plans, orange multimedia and broadband services. Orange also provides apps for ipad and iphone. You can buy Normal broadband as well as mobile broadband from orange. It provides variety of mobile phones which users can choose according to their needs and use.

To get the best offer and deal while purchasing an orange plan or mobile phone you can check Dial A Phone. It provides great offers and deals on various orange services and mobile phones. Along with offers there are certain other exciting features which you can check on Dial A Phone. Won’t Mention them here since i want you to explore them on your own else you would not enjoy browsing the site.

Although Orange has large variety of Mobile phones but the 3 most popular orange mobile phones in market today are :

#1. Orange Miami

  • This phone has everything a user looks for in a Mobile phone. It has got perfect looks as well comes with lots of features.You can take this stylish and smart phone home in two colors black and pink.
  • Though mainly Women would like to buy pink color, Men is left with only black color to choose . But it has got so many features that men can compromise with color.
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  • It has a touch screen with a very stylish with 2 megapixel camera. It has an in-built MP3 player and superb Bluetooth connectivity for data transfer.
  • It has 34 MB integrated internal memory with expandable micro SD slot. It  has a Talk time of  around 5 hours and standby time of 300 hours. It is a tri band phone and WAP compatibility. It comes with 3 in-built games on which you can try your hands when you are idle.

Orange Miami

#2. Orange Rome

  • It is an attractive black colored sleek handset. No Doubt it is one of the most sleek phone which comes with lots of features. It has a TFT display, along with a 2 MP camera whose camera quality is quite decent.
  • It also has a MP3 player  along with a FM radio. It is a Tri-band phone and just like Orange Miami comes with superb connectivity features like Bluetooth. It has a great talk time of 4.8 hours and quite shocking stand by time of 12.5 days.
  • So you can charge your phone once and  den forgot to charge it again for days. Orange Rome comes with awesome speaker phones and a perfect hands free kit, which can be personalized.
  • It is supported by headphone jack to enjoy music and comes with many JAVA games and applications.


#3. Orange Vegas

  • Last among the 3 most popular phone but not the least, Orange Vegas. It is another exceptional handset released by Orange. It’s most essential feature is it is weight.
  • It is really very light phone and weighs just 84 grams. Ya you read it right just 84 grams, really a light phone. It comes with a 1.3 MP camera and a TFT touch screen. The in-built MP3 player provides really good music quality.
  • It is a dual band handset. It has a talk time of 3 hours and standby time of 7 days. It is available in various colors such as black, white and pink.
  • Music experience can be further enhanced by the use of startup kit especially of Orange Vegas plus a stereo handset.


So, placing the Orange Mobile Network and manufacturer Solution as one of the Category in Dial a Phone leading to Massive effiecient Output and will definitely benefit both organizations. As Orange Mobile Subscription Network Provider is one of the proved service provider in UK which claimed that fame in a short period of time.

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  1. Great collection 🙂 expecting orange to launch their service in india atleast in future 🙂 though we have so many handsets, i am worried about the call quality GSM networks deliver.

    I Stick to Reliance all because of its call quality.


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