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7+ Best iPhone Jailbreak Apps you must have

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iphone jailbreaking benefits
In this article we are going to deal with 7 Best iPhone Jailbreak Apps you must have. Jailbreaking provides a phenomenal power for your iOS, and it takes your iPhone/iDevice performance to the next level. After jailbreaking, you will be able to extract the absolute power of iOS, but also you will be in the requirement of some special enhancements, tweaks, as well as apps. So, we are bringing the list of 7 Best iPhone Jailbreak Apps you must have to switch the performance of your device.

Jailbreaking an iPhone is important. If deprived of all the jailbroken applications, the phone might be strictly limited in functionality and usage when compared to other smartphones. Apple’s limitations on what you can install are the biggest issues with the iPhone. Jailbreaking is the one and only solution around their boundaries. So, most of the developers are busy in providing best iPhone Jailbreak Apps that certainly enhances the performance of iPhone.

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7 Best iPhone Jailbreak Apps you must have

  1. SBSettings
  2. MyWi
  3. Winterboard
  4. My3G
  5. Cydia
  6. Activator
  7. LockInfo

There are several apps available across the globe; some are free for use and some are paid. In this post, we are going to discuss briefly about all these Best iPhone Jailbreak Apps you must have.

iPhone Jailbreak Apps

7+ Best iPhone Jailbreak Apps

#1. SBSetting

  • SBSetting is one of the best iPhone Jailbreak apps you must have which provides you the instant access to the settings panel from any screen. It makes iPhone accessing really easy by just swiping your status bar.
  • You might be aware of notification pull down menu on your Android and SBsettings is similar sort of app, allowing you to access settings and also it helps you to search for toggles like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Orientation Lock etc., pretty easily.
  • According to me, it is one of the must have iPhone Jailbreak Apps for making your settings option really easy. <SBSettings>

SBSettings - Best iPhone Jailbreak Apps

#2. MyWi 

  • MiWi is one of the must have iPhone Jailbreak Apps that which makes your iPhone/iDevice as a 3G hotspot. If you are willing to enjoy the Internet connection on your iPhone without paying even a penny for AT & T or Verizon, then this is one such an app that you are looking for.
  • In brief, this app provides you the Wi-Fi access for free. This is one of the most considerable iPhone Jailbreak App that you should have when you are paying for cramy internet connections, it certainly saves $$ for you.  <MyWi>

MyWi - Best iPhone Jailbreak Apps

#3. Winterboard 

  • It is really an interesting and one of the most familiar iPhone Jailbreak Apps. The major use of this app is for applying themes, skins, wacky fonts and many more.
  • The major purpose of the iPhone users to Jailbreak their mobile is to have complete control and unique look over the mobile. Winterboard provides you to enjoy the opportunity by allowing you to apply custom user interfaces, themes, lockscreen and many more.
  • It just takes the customization of your iPhone to another level by providing complete grip. It is one of my favorite iPhone Jailbreak Apps. <Winterboard>

winterboard - best iphone jailbreak apps

#4. My3G 

  • This is one of the most tricky iPhone Jailbreak Apps, that makes other apps in your iPhone to believe that you are connected to some WiFi connection when it is on 3G.
  • It is one of the favorite app for most of the iPhone Lovers. It just completely traps your phone and one of the best thing about this app is it never displays “App over 20MB” message.
  • So, when your device is on 3G, you can use this app to bypass the Facetime which allows you to download larger apps, watch HD videos, and you can do all things without WiFi connection. <My3G>

My3G - Best iPhone Jailbreak Apps

#5. Cydia 

  • Cydia is an iPhone Jailbreak Apps store. It is a default app for every iPhone which is jailbroken and it is the app where everything begins.
  • It is a complete directory of apps for your Jailbroken iPhone. We must thank to Saurik (developer).
  • The reason for us to mention Cydia as one of the Best iPhone Jailbreak apps is to acknowledge the official cydia team. <Cydia>

cydia - best iphone jailbreak apps

#6. Activator

  • This is the Must Have iPhone Jailbreak Apps. Most of the jailbreak applications need this Activator app installed on your device to work effectively.
  • It just customizes the device completely to open the applications and other tasks like centralized gestures, managements makes it one of the best jailbreak app. You can open the camera by using the Volume buttons, or you can call your family by holding the power button or you can listen to music by holding the home button and many more custom shortcut activites can be managed with this app. <Activator>

activator - best iphone jailbreak apps

#7. LockInfo

  • This is yet another notification management app that which brings all your notifications onto a special UI that really makes you easy to keep track of your updates.
  • You might be aware of the fact that Apple iPhone’s notification system is not one of the best system which displays single pop-up when you are having huge deal of notifications and LockInfo solves that issue for you and it is one of the best iPhone Jailbreak App you must have to manage your notifications. <LockInfo>

lockinfo - iphone jailbreak apps

Here are some other considerable iPhone Jailbreak apps

  • BiteSMS – Best custom SMS app that adds exciting skins, ringtones, themplates, passcode lock, quick reply and many more features. It is the ultimate messaging app you must have. <BiteSMS>
  • Frash – It enables flash feature on your iPhone.  Install Frash on your iPhone and enjoy Flash feature. <How to Install Frash>
  • WiFi Sync – This app allows you to sync your iPhone with iTunes without USB cable. <WiFi Sync>
  • iBlacklist – It helps you to block the unknown calls, messages that you don’t want to attend. A True time saver. <iBlacklist>
  • InfiniFolders – It brings up the bottomless folders onto your iPhone. <InfiniFolders>
  • MultiIconMover – It provides you the scope to move the multiple icons on your iPhone at once around the springboard. <MultiIconMover>

Thus these are the 7+ best iPhone Jailbreak Apps you must have in order to take your iOS and iDevice experience to next level.

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4 Comments to 7+ Best iPhone Jailbreak Apps you must have

  1. When I used to have a jailbroken iPhone 3G about two years ago, I used to love creating my own themes and seeing them come to life with Winterboard! I also recommend getting Disk Aid for your PC or Mac as well so you can access your iPhone’s files.

  2. Hi Siddartha,
    Iphone 4S is one of the best cell phone cameras in the business and to improve the video quality of the iPhone 4S do I highly recommended an app call Almost DSLR a Totally outstanding quality do you get with this app.

  3. Activator is my favorite, especially if you want to use shortcuts that you create on your own. I give a unique look to my iPhone using Activator and often surprise my friends with my Activator shortcuts that speed up my iPhone’s performance. If you really want to switch between the apps on your iPhone, there is no better choice than Activator.

  4. Also include:

    iProtect – protecting your apps by putting a password on it
    QuitApps – quitting all apps all together in a single touch.
    WiFiFum – a handy wifi scanner and can even determine the strength and security used.

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