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8 Best iPhone apps for Poker Lovers

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There are many poker apps available for Apple’s smartphone out of which 2 applications stand out of the competition: Apple’s Texas Hold’em and Poker by Zynga. Install these apps in your iPhone to get the feel and capture of the play that you would typically find on any poker website. Apple’s Hold’em app is aimed at a casual poker player, who wants to enhance his or her knowledge about the game-play and can plot against computer opponent. Apple does not support playing the game for real money, but you can try Mac pokers, which allow you to access the games through browser, and play for real cash.

Since the day poker has become available online, its popularity has been increasing with every passing day and smartphones have also seen a great amount of change in number of players, after the introduction of few apps. So, in this post, we’ll take a quick look at 7 awesome apps for iPhone that give the same feel of playing real time poker games, and even Poker lover is bound to enjoy them.


#1. Zynga Poker 

This iPhone app is at top of the list as it has received positive critical applause from the iPhone application community. The interface makes you feel like you’re playing at the right online poker, despite choosing any random room. It is regarded as one of the best poker iPhone apps due to its unique and outstanding features. You can play against your friend or on Facebook, using either Wi-Fi or 3G network. You can find your friends online and make them to join you at poker table. You can as well chat with other players and also change poker tables with ease. <Get in iStores>

#2. Appeak Poker

Appeak Poker is one of the best poker games, which is pretty easy to follow with great deal of active tables. It has over 150,000 active users and has over 1,000,000 downloads till date. If you are new to poker gamings, this is the best game to get started with and it improves the speed and helps you to interact with many online players all over the world. Appeak Poker was developed by PokerListings, which is considered as one of the best  application developer ofr Poker games. <Get in iStores>

#3. Texas Hold’em

If you do not like the functionality or concept of multiple players, then TH would be best option to choose from that make your boring travelling time enjoyable, even in the train or bus. You can play against 9 computer controlled players, but in the most natural way. Apart from the amazing graphics and awesome animation, it leaves a positive impact on everyone. <Get in iStores>

#4. Play Screen Poker

It is created in an order to help gamers to dare all sorts of challenges, while playing pokers. It will also give you the direction and instructions to choose the right path, making you lead or reach the top. Whether you’re an experienced candidate or amateur poker lover, you’ll definitely become a fan of this outstanding app. <Get in iStores>

#5. Mega Poker

Due to its amazing gaming facility and incredible flexibility, this poker app is becoming increasingly popular. Apart from its highly flexible traits, it plays the game of online poker websites. You can use it via EDGE/Wi-Fi/3G. <Get it iStores>

#6. MotioX Poker Quest

Like a dice poker, this app is based on motion platform and full power technology, offering impressive experience with more practical way for your Apple iPhone.

#7. Poker Update

If you want to get daily news, updated information, in-depth features, and weekly roundups, then Poker Update is the best app for you. It is categorized into various groups, such as law, business and finance, networks and rooms, and the full tilt saga. You can share your stories on Facebook and Twitter.

#8. Poker Chip Tracker

This handy app allows you to share things from a live game room through email and other media. Once you enter the details, this app would create visual recreation of it.

iPhone has become a ubiquitous machine for poker fans of all ages and skill levels and these apps would help them improve their gaming knowledge, while also managing their house tournaments.

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