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Best Android Music Apps to kill Boredom

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It’s been really long time, since I’ve written something and today we are going to check out some of the best android music apps to keep music flowing into your ears with few simple settings. Most of these music apps, regardless whether you are using Android or iPhone or Windows Phone, can extract the external noises by measuring the decibel level and does few other customizations for improving the sound quality. You can also listen to the external noises if you want. This is the major functionality of the Android Music Apps. Music always helps me to stay away from mental stress and if you are a music lover like me who’d like to listen to your favorite music with few swipes and taps, here is my list of best android music apps to help you stay relaxed.

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There are millions of music apps that are existing in the Google Play Store, and in this article I’m are going to list out my 5 favorite apps that helps me to enjoy my day and including these 5 apps, I’ll also suggest some of the similar applications that you might love to try.

Best Android Music Apps

#1. Shazam

  • shazam
    Shazam is one of the most popular android music apps, that identifies the songs and gets them played from the cloud for about 30 seconds (preview). It is an exciting app, that allows us to share the tags of our favorite music on Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter.
  • If you are willing to buy the track, you can buy it from Amazon MP3 and while previewing, you can also view the live streaming lyrics.
  • Other features like watching music videos and concerts from Youtube, Artists information, enables you to listen to tagged music from Spotify, and many other features makes it one of the best android music apps. <Shazam>

#2. TuneIn Radio

    If you are on a Road-Trip and willing to listen the Radio-Stations that are existing worldwide, then TuneIn Radio is one of those few applications that can bring the package of thousands of radio stations to one platform.
  • Radio stations are not just limited to playing music, but they are having lots of stuff to discover and present for their viewers.
  • It includes over 70k radio stations worldwide and channels over 2 million on-demand programs. You can enjoy music, or listen to news or sports scores or other details like traffic or entertainment and what not, they carries everything.
  • It includes some of the interesting features like search for a song/artist/show/other stuff in order to track the radio stations, adding stations as well as songs to favorites, wake-up alarm and it enables multi-tasking by playing background. <TuneIn Radio>

#3. doubleTwist Player

  • doubletwist player
    If you are someone who is willing to organize their music playlist, then it is the one stop application, that can sort your playlist not only based on the titles, artists, and genre, but can also arrange them based on most played or age.
  • We can also sync music from other devices like Mac/PC to our android device either by USB or WiFi (AirSync) and you can also sync iTunes Playlists, which makes life really easy.
  • You can also download legal as well as high quality music and also download latest episodes using your Data Plan or Wi-Fi. <doubleTwist Player>

#4. SoundHound

  • soundhound
    It is one of the most downloaded and used android music apps, ahead of any music based apps existing in Google Play Store.
  • The functionality of SoundHound is almost similar to Shazam, but few interesting features helps it to win an edge over Shazam like interface, artist tour dates, matching Youtube playlists, similar artists and many more.
  • Its bring in some of the exciting features like fast music recognition, voice recognition(recognizes singing and humming), streams Lyrics, Social Sharing on Facebook and Twitter and many exciting features makes it one of the best android music apps to have. <SoundHound>

#5. MixZing Media Player

  • mixzing music player
    It is yet another exciting android music apps that can organize your playlists like doubleTwist Player.
  • One of my favorite feature for this application is sleep timer, that just switches-off our device to restrict battery from getting drained and Padora effect that can play music as per your mood.
  • It organizes your playlist by identifying songs without valid tags, displays lyrics, Pandora effect, Graphics equalizer, Saves/restores your playlists instantly, suggests similar music, Automatic Art Downloader, Sleep Timer and many more. <MixZing Media Player>

These are my favorite applications, but there are few more other android music apps that you might satisfy your requirements.

  1. Winamp – Sync, Manage your device from Mac/PC.
  2. n7player Music Player – Excellent navigator enables us to browse through our library very fast.
  3. Pandora Internet radio – Personalized radio Jakie that streams music as per your mood.
  4. Shake2PlayNext – The name tells you everything, just shake your device to switch to new track.

There are many more exciting android music apps that are existing in Google Play Store, and we’ll be updating the list regularly after testing them.

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