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8 Best Android Camera Apps to Enhance Photography Experience

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In this post we are going to deal with 8 Best Free Android Camera Apps that which helps you the enhance your photography experience with your Android Mobile. Let’s face it, the Android Camera Apps leaves much to be desired. Android phone models and the iPhone 5 release on the horizon, maybe we’ll see some tweaks in the preinstalled OS that include fixes with the camera. Until then, however, keep I mind there are some nifty apps out there that make the Android camera a lot better.

Most of the Android OS loaded SmartPhones comes with over 3.15 MP camera while some of them comes with front camera as well. You might be wondering about the fact that, despite of having pre-loaded with high end cameras what might be the reason to have these Android Camera Apps on our design in addition. Of course you might be right, but still there is definitely the need of these apps that which can enhance your photography by adding some phenomenal effects. There are thousands of Android Camera Apps available currently, but we’ve picked up few apps that are accepted to be best in business which certainly helps you a lot.

Here are 8 Android Camera Apps that you’ll not just use you’ll love, So what are you waiting for.

8 Best Android Camera Apps

  1. SilentCam
  2. PicPlz
  3. QikCam
  4. Photo Grid
  5. QuickPic
  6. Camera Zoon FX
  7. Camera 360
  8. Retro Camera

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Android Camera Apps

Best Free Android Camera Apps

8 Best Android Camera Apps for all

#1. SilentCam – Best Android Camera Apps

  • Unless you turn your phone’s sound off entirely the Android camera is incredibly loud and this android camera apps is specially designed for that.
  • Installing the SilentCam app is a great way to cut out the obnoxious shutter sound without having to flip through the phone and remember to switch your sound back on.
  • Its one of the best camera apps available for android Mobiles that I’ve ever used. It is available as both free app and paid app as well, if you are satisfied with the free app then you must try out the SilentCam Pro version which is ad free. <SilentCam>

Silent Cam Android App

#2. PicPlz – Easy Sharing Android Camera Apps

  • Meant to rival Instagram which is only available on the Apple iPhone, PicPlz is an addictive photo editing app that allows you an incredible amount of freedom to alter your images.
  • Even ones saved in the phone before you install the app can be adjusted using it. PicPlz is one of the innovative Android Camera Apps that works really well for professional photographers.
  • You are also allows to share the photos after applying some jaw dropping special effects to your photos like vintage 70s, Hipstamatic effect, black and white effects, and many more with your Social Media friends at Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Posterous, as well as Foursquare. It is one of the easiest sharing android camera apps with your friends on various social networking sites. <picplz>

Picplz - best android app

#3. QikCam – Android Camera Apps for Quick Photos

  • If you’ve ever hated having to struggle to get to your camera while the moment to take the photo slips away you’ll love QikCam.
  • This free Android Camera apps allows you to take a snapshot by simply clicking its button on the phone’s desktop.
  • It even lets you do the same for video shooting.
  • Perfect for those who prefer candid photography (especially coupled with the SilentCam).
  • QikCam is one of the most used Android Camera apps in the world and you can share the images online with your friends. As the name suggests, its one of the quickest camera apps that which allows you to take snap or video with just one single click. <Qikcam>

QikCam - Best Android App

#4. Photo Grid – Android Camera Apps to Create Collages

  • This Android Camera apps can be perceived as being a bit benign but it has its uses. It allows you to convert the photo collection of yours in to exciting collages.
  • Photo Grid lets you make collages out of the images on your phone and save them as new ones. You can share your collages with your friends on Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and lot more.
  • The collages can be changed around after the fact too. Perfect for people who might just want to put two pictures together.
  • Photo Grid is one of the Top Free Android Camera apps that every photography lover must check out. It even provides modes that certainly help you to edit images like High mode, Multi mode, Single mode, Wide mode and also you can even Edit grip, Swap it, Rotate, and add other exciting apps for your photos by using this Photo Grid app. <Photo Grid>

Photo Grid - Best Android App

#5. QuickPic – Most used Android Camera Apps

  • QuickPic is a beefed up version of it that allows you to better organize your photography and get to your albums and pictures quicker, as the name implies.
  • QuickPic is one of the most famous Android Camera Apps which really worth trying out. It is one fastest, clearest and powerful android camera apps avaiable currently.
  • It is the best picture viewer allowing you to browse thousands of pictures without any background service. It also provides some essential features that help you to hide your photos and videos by protecting them with a specific password.
  • It even offers rich editing as well as organizing features like cropping, sharing, rotating, slides, renaming, movin/copying and many more. Though its a free it, it doesn’t annoy you with its ads. <QuickPic>

quickpic - best android app

#6. Camera Zoom FX – Top Rated Android Camera Apps

  1.  It is the top rated among all android camera apps and it gives new life for your Android Camera with jaw dropping post processing by saving our magical past with fun and really fast.
  2. It is loaded with over 90+ unique FX that which provides you with infinite processing options and it works really fast and have no impact on degrading the battery of your device.
  3. It autosaves all shots, and also allows us to share photos directly by uploading into the famous social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc all at once with just a single click.
  4. You can import the existing photos as well and also can allows you to edit, crop, slide, rotate etc., works. Its loaded with tremendous shutter animations. <Camera Zoom FX>

Camera Zoom FX - Best Android App

#7. Camera 360 – The Most Famous Android Camera Apps

  1. Camera 360 is one of the most famous Android Camera Apps in the current android market with over 4 Million download till date. It takes your photography experience with Android device to next level.
  2. It is a perfect camera app that makes taking photos into interesting as well as funny. It brings amazing effects like Retro Effect, LOMO effect, black & white effect, Vintage effect as back to 1839 and also Night Enhancement effect that makes your photos even more exciting.
  3. It even comes up with tremendous HDR effect and some other interesting effects like Surrealistic B&W Paiting, Ghosts are available, unique scenery mode and many more. <Camera 360>

Camera 360 - Best Android App

#8. Retro Camera – Android Camera Apps for Vintage Effects

  1. If you are looking for out and out retro effects for your pictures, then retro camera is one such an app that satisfies your requirements.
  2. It creates exciting effects like 5 sets of vintage vignetting, black and white as well as cross processing effects, film scratch and many more effects that won’t let you to take your hand off it. Its one of the most addictive android camera apps available.
  3. It will create the Nostalgic feelings in your mind for sure <Retro Camera>

retro camera - best android app

They’re all a combination of the words “quick, “pic”, “photo”, or “cam”, but they all have two other words in common: free and useful. As far as I’m concerned, that’s all it takes for an app focusing on a separate elements like Best Free Camera Apps for Android to be awesome. Hope you’ve liked our list of 8 best Android Camera Apps available in the market.

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17 Comments to 8 Best Android Camera Apps to Enhance Photography Experience

  1. PRO Zoom camera is the best for x10 mini. I’ve tried almost all of the camera apps out there but it kept on restarting my phone. And it has zoom too! (My stock camera has no zoom). Not until I found this awesome app. Try it and never worry anymore of phone crashing while using your camera. Enjoy!

  2. SilentCam is cool, the obnoxious shutter sound in the default camera app is so annoying. QikCam seems cool but crashes on CyanogenMod 7.1RC1 on my phone.

  3. Also check out Lightbox Android Camera Apps — it has a silent shutter feature, effects such as Lomo/Retro/HDR, and posting of photos to Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr.

  4. Thanks for putting all these in one place. I spent some time look for photo apps about a month ago and gave up. I have already downloaded the Retro cam and 360 I think I will also be downloading Zoom FX as well. Great review.

  5. You’re are absolutely right. Bluetooth just doesn’t have the data rate for full resolution video without some crazy video compression. Give it a few years and someone might solve the problem.,./m,

  6. Andrei Tallent

    I think you forgot a major contender in this list: Vignette!

    It is an awesome app with a ton of features. (It also allows you to silence the shutter sound).

  7. Hi is there a camera app that i can take photos that appear on my wall in Facebook and saves them in my phone the Sony arc s my old Sony c510 can do it but this new one I have tryd everything!! Help please

  8. Very nice post..i came across another article where i found few different free photography apps than mentioned here..

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