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Best 4 Android Apps for Tablets

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A mobile app or simply an app is a computer program written to run on cellular or other mobile devices such as tablets, smart phones etc. Apps are typically operated on a single platform, which serves as a standard for everyone and is called the operating system. It is distributed by the owner of the operating system of the mobile device we are trying to run the app on, like Apple has its App Store, Google with its Play Store and likewise. The word ‘app’ is really a shortened phrase for the terms “Application Software” and is used synonymously with the use of any software that serves a purpose and runs on a mobile operating system.

Apps can be developed by individual app developers or even large corporations. App development is similar to writing a piece of code on any high level computer programming language. Android SDK, Apple DEV KIT are some of the app development kits or IDE’s available for the development of apps. Apps that are created usually offer general productivity services and sometimes they even are used for the retrieval of information. Social media apps are presently the most downloaded apps in the world. These apps dominate the world of app market.

A tablet or a tablet computer is a mobile device provided with a touch screen display and a smooth UI and may have various Operating Systems depending on its manufacturer. It is a slightly bigger smart phone. They are usually equipped with many high grade sensors like accelerometer, gestures etc. Apps exist for tablets too.

Android OS happens to be the home of the most number of apps in the world followed by iOS on second. The Android OS is a standard OS for over a few million mobile devices such as tablets and runs a lot of apps that work like magic.
Every app serves some or the other purpose and the ultimate idea of an app is that it reduces the time taken for a user to get a job done. With its presence on a small mobile device information on almost about everything can be got in moments and some apps proved to perform this task better than the rest.

Here is a list of 4 of the best android apps for tablet computers:

1.) Adobe- Photoshop Touch: Adobe shares its photo editing magic over the app world and more importantly over the Tablet computers. This photoshop touch app allows users to take control of every pixel present in an image and turn it into a beautiful artistic piece they see. Editing, cropping, scribbling are just a minute piece of the action while syncing, merging and behold, sharing the processed images over the vast ever increasing pool of social media is what makes this app very useful.

best 4 android apps

2.) Dropbox: Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi developed Dropbox as a file syncing and sharing tool that works on cloud computing and storage technology. With its ultimate goal to provide every user to get rid of external storage devices such as flash drives, Dropbox happens to be spreading the word via the app market too. Dropbox app helps in quickly and easily accessing files to ease work load and helps you edit on the go and share it over multiple platforms.

best 4 android apps

3.) Facebook for Android: The facebook app helps users share information such as texts, images or videos over the internet. It does run short of features in comparison to the actual facebook website but it is almost as useful as the website itself.

best 4 android apps

4.) Foursquare: A check-in app created solely to share location data of a user among its friends and followers. Latest updates provides personalized local search app that suggests top rated places to visit, and most searches restaurant locations and more.

best 4 android apps

The above mentioned apps are certainly very common among app users of the world be it android or iOS, but there sure exists over a few million more apps that have other revolutionary features that do quite a lot of useful stuff too.

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