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5 Benefits of Rooting Android Phones

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benefits of rooting android phones
In this post we are going to deal about the Benefits of Rooting Android Phones.The most common questions that each and every individual would get after buying Android device would be what is rooting, and why it is essential to root the Android device?

I hope, this article is going to answer your doubts regarding the Benefits of Rooting Android Phones. So, if you are looking forward to find out an answer to these questions, then fortunately you’ve ended at the right place; in this post we’ll discuss about the benefits of rooting Android phones in detail, but let’s first start off with the basics.

Before we check out the benefits of Rooting Android Phones, we check out what is Rooting?

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benefits of rooting android phones

What is Rooting?

Basically, Rooting is a procedure that is carried on your device in order to obtain the “super-user” rights and authorizations to manipulate your Android device software.

With the help of these elevated custom privileges, you would gain the authority to load custom-software (ROM’s), and install various custom themes of your choice, which would greatly increase the overall performance of your device, and even the battery life could be increased too.

But, rooting in the other sense is regarded similar to hacking your device, and in the world of iPhone, this would be comparable same to Jail-breaking your android device.

Briefing the Benefits of Rooting Android Phones

  1. Customizing your Software
  2. Custom Themes
  3. Cracking Additional Features
  4. Increased Speed and Battery Life
  5. Restoring and Backing up your Entire System

The main benefits of rooting android phone are discussed in the present section. So, all those who are looking forward to root their respective devices would find this info very useful as it completely tells you about all the extra benefits that you would gain once the rooting is done.

benefits of rooting android phones

5 Benefits of Rooting Android Phones

#1. Customizing your Software

  • ROM is a memory device provided with your android, and it is the software that is stored in the Read Only Memory section of your Android device. In the present market, there are many custom ROM’s that are made available, which help in increasing the overall performance as well appearance of your android device drastically.
  • For instance, you might be stuck with a relatively older Android OS version that might not get any new updates for your device.
  • So, by rooting your device, you would be able to install any custom ROM’s into your device, and get most out of it in terms of the overall performance.

#2. Custom Themes

  • Basically, themes that appear on your device are just advanced graphics, which give an appealing outlook to your device.
  • Rooting your android phone would let you to load any advanced themes of your choice that suits your taste the most, and make your device look even more compelling.

#3. Cracking Additional Features

  • With the help of rooting, you would be able to crack and unlock many of the advanced features for which, you might be charged extra money from the android device dealers.
  • For example: You would be able to enable free USB and WiFi tethering after rooting, but otherwise you’ll have to shell out extra money on tethering charges.

#4. Increased Speed and Battery Life

  • There are various custom ROMs and advanced apps for all rooted devices that would allow you to considerably improve the performance (speed), and also increase the battery life of your device.
  • Most of the Android users complain about decrease in Battery life of their Android Device as time goes on. If you root your Android phone, it speeds up the device as well as increase the battery life to over 30%. This is one of the most considerable benefit of Rooting Android Phones.

#5. Restoring and Backing up your Entire System

  • This is one of mighty benefits of rooting android phones, allows you to back-up your whole sysmtem to an Micro-SD card, in the same procedure that you can image a HDD. You can clean your Mobile completely and just restore from your Backup to get all elements of your device back. This will increase the performance as well.
  • You will get the ability to overclock the processor which is yet another benefits of Rooting Android Phones. You can also install the third Party ROMs.

Thus, these are the 5 Benefits of Rooting Android Phones which certainly plays a major role in enhancing the performance of your Android Device. Hope you enjoyed reading our article on 5 Exciting Benefits of Rooting Android Phones and subscribe to our feed to enjoy daily updates!

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  1. Nice article one addition in me knowledge . I really like some of your posts a lot . I want to buy android phone and I hope this will help me a lot!

  2. A. S. Bhasker Raj

    Hello Siddartha Thota

    Your write up sums the advantages and benefits in a clear manner.
    I have HTC Wildire smart phone and was wanting to root this phone for a long time.
    Siddartha can you inform me where can I get the detailed information and step by step procedure for rooting my phone.
    Waiting for your reply

  3. I can’t stop my self commenting again . This was a great great article first when i read it i was unaware why to do these things then i got some devices with performance and got the benefit of this article .. Thanks once again for the share .

  4. If you don’t really care about custom themes and software (which are great) you should definitely root it because of the longer battery life span. It’s just the smart way to do with your phone, if you really want to get the most out of it.

  5. Hey siddhartha,

    I had already rooted my phone from the day I purchased it and it is really amazing after rooting, Because it provides me with the capability to install Custom ROMs in my device. I had already tried about 20 custom roms 🙂

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