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Assembling a Computer-1

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Assembling a Computer is an Intresting task.At the same time it is a bit Complicated. People from all over the world were aware of computer and its usses. In earlier posts, We have discussed about the topics based on Computers (If not refer this link http://gadgetcage.blogspot.com/2008/01/introduction-to-computers.html).) . Now Lets check the Components required to Assemble the Computer.

–>>Components Required For Assembling Your Computer(PC).

  • Materials Required:Make sure that you have all the below materals before starting. All the necessary components(Although the all the below components are preferable, not all are necessary.Then necessary ones are marked with a *).
  • Processors *
  • Motherboard *
  • Hardisk *
  • RAM *
  • Cabinet *
  • Floppy Drive *
  • CD Drive *
  • LAN Card *
  • Sound Card *
  • Modem *
  • SMPS *
  • Display Card (Not needed if On-board display is available on Motherboard)
  • Monitors *
  • Keyboard *
  • Mouse *
  • Speakers *
  • UPS *
  • Other Components(If Any)
  • Also keep the cables that came with thee components close by
  • Philips head Screwdriver (Or Star Screwdriver)
  • Flat head Screwdriver
  • Forceps (for pulling out jumpers and screws)
  • Magnatized Screwdriver
  • Multi meter (Testing)

And in the next post lets Have a brief idea at these components in a pictorial View.


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