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Assassins Creed II Review

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Assassins Creed is the game that can make anyone believe that the Future of Gaming Industry is very bright, and UBISOFT has a goldmine in their hands. The game has both the Elements of a science fiction and a historical fantasy. ” The game centers on the use of a machine named the “Animus”, which allows the viewing of the protagonist’s  genetic memories of his ancestors. ” Says Wikipedia.

Released way back in April 2008, Assassins Creed has been one of  the best action games till date and the graphics is similar to those in “Prince Of Persia” but the uses and the controls are a lot easier and more user friendly than that of “Prince of Persia”.

Set in the times of 12th Century, the story is based on the Third Crusade in Holy Land, and the atmosphere really seems like it. Actually the story is kinda interesting when you start it from the top. A bartender named Desmond Miles is kidnapped by a pharmaceutical company, which has developed a machine that can read the memories of Desmond’s Ancestors via his DNA. Then he can re-live the experience. The focus of the research is the ancestor named Altaïr ibn-La’Ahad, a trained assassin, and a member of the Assassins Creed.


The Story then gets pretty interesting with lots of secrets to be found out, and I wouldn’t spoil the fun. You’ll have to play for it, I’ve known such things after I got the opportunity to play it.
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Needless to say the game is marvelous for the gameplay part too. There is an alarm for how noticeable the Assassin is, if you get a red sign beeping, that means that the guards have noticed you and will start to attack you as soon as they see you, in this position you have two options, either u go inside a haystack or you run away as far as you can. In times of suspicious behavior, you can sit on a bench and avoid getting more suspicious.

The game also lets you climb city walls, and throw knifes, which stealthily can kill people without arousing much suspicion. There are Beggars and Mentals in the gameplay that makes the game even more realistic!


Further there are intelligence gathering missions like eavesdropping, pickpocketing, Interrogation etc before completing a mission. With a great story behind it, that becomes a SOLID GAMEPLAY!


But here’s a downside, with a game like this you get huge system requirements, and for this game, yeah its huge! The recommended RAM for the game is 3 GB and the minimum requirement is 2 GB. Although I’ve minimized the graphics and played it on my 1 GB. Requires Dual core processor (Intel Pentium D or better) and of course  256MB Direct3D 10 compatible video card, or Direct3D 9 card compatible with Shader Model 3.0 or higher graphics Card. The game requires 16 GB of hard disk space. You can’t find them in an everyday PC can you?

So, keeping in mind the huge system requirements I give it 4 Ishtaars(stars) on a scale of 5. Definitely a must play.
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P.S the second part is already out, I’m trying it, and will leave you with another review if you want. Till then see the video that was released in November.

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