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Archive relevant restore points permanently in XP / Vista

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When instructed, the built-in tool in Windows or any other third party tools like Disk Clean-up or C Cleaner etc, to delete all the restore points excluding the latest one’s. As it leaves the latest restore points undisturbed. However, you might want to archive certain system restore points, and call upon them when required, but you may find them missing in your system

In order to archive older restore points, you must make the hidden ‘System Volume Information‘ folder as a visible folder.


  1. In Windows XP, go to ‘Extras -> Folder Options
  2. In Windows Vista, go to Windows Explorer and click on ‘Organize -> Folder and Search Options‘.

In the ‘View‘ tab, uncheck the ‘Hide protected Operating System Files‘ option from the list, and in Vista it is ‘Use Access Wizard‘ and check ‘Show all files and folders‘ option.

Confirm with ‘Apply‘ and then ‘OK‘.

In Explorer, right click on ‘System Volume Information‘ folder and select ‘Properties‘.

Now switch to ‘Security‘ tab, click on ‘Continue‘ and confirm the UAC prompt with ‘Yes‘.

There after, click on ‘Add‘ and enter your username and confirm with ‘OK’. For authorization, activate the ‘Allow‘ option next to ‘Full Control‘. Confirm the clicking rights by clicking on ‘Apply‘ and then ‘OK‘.

You can now access the ‘System Volume Information‘ folder in the explorer. In XP, while the individual restore points are arranged in this folder and in Vista only a few system files are located here with a cryptic name. But you can easily identify the allocation from its date of change.


Under any circumstances, do not delete the entries, in which you transfer these. Instead, it’s a very good idea to back up the data on external storage. Also you must apply these archived system restore points only in case of emergency, because changes made by an older system restore point will cause the loss of newly installed applications.
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