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Apps Recommended for Students to help in Academics

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Mobiles and Tablets have become inseparable part of our life and why they shouldn’t. These devices really deserve the place owing to versatile features and possibilities. Talking about Students, you can take full advantage of awesome apps to make things at School easy and more productive.

Using these apps, you will no more be a hard working student but something what they call Smart Work. Here are some apps listed for all Mobile platforms recommended for Students to help in their academics.

#1. Agendas and Calendar


A calendar in the form of book where you write down homework, tests and notes may be about trips. Maybe this year you can save the money it costs by using your mobile and tablet as alternatives:

Inclass for iPhone and iPad format book with lots of features. Take notes, take pictures, share texts in social networks, and manage tasks and alarms … The best of all.

Homework for Android – Perfect complement to your school calendar with task management feature. It includes a way to teacher: why children are not only the return of the classes. For quick notes, ColorNote and Notes Catch Android are excellent. For quick notes, ColorNote and Notes Catch on Android are excellent.

#2. Word processors, spreadsheets and presentations


The classic office suites such as MS Office, with it’s programs to create text documents such as Word, Excel or Power Point presentations also have mobile versions. Obviously, do not expect the power and speed of desktop computers, but may serve to finish the damn homework on the train, or to correct any details on the way to school.

Evernote for Android, iOS, Symbian , BlackBerry and Windows Phone. Highly interesting and cross platform option for compatibility between devices, its intuitive interface and its operation.

Google Docs is available as a native application only in Android, but you can access your mobile version with other operating systems from docs.google.com

ThinkOffice and Documents to Go are some more Office Document Viewing alternative for Android users.

#3. Translators


Surely, for your classes in English, French or German, you will need a good translator who will pull you out of any trouble. There is something for all platforms.

iSpeech Translator for BlackBerry will surprise you with its effectiveness. Not only results, we also read texts. You can even dictate words to translate! It is excellent.

Google Translator for Android and iPhone.

Polyglot for Windows Phone are also good translation options with dozens of languages, including Spanish, English, French or German.

#4. Encyclopedias and educational materials


In your academic year you are sure you had enough of reading. Although we recommend using e-ink readers phones and tablets may also you.

For iOS, use iBooks (Apple’s official application) and Kindle. On Android, Aldiko and Kindle are the best options. For Windows Phone, you also have the option of Amazon Kindle. For newspapers, the best option for now is iPad Orbyt and Kiosk.

And if you want to find out something, what’s better than Wikipedia, the encyclopedia together. Unofficial versions available for Android, Symbian and Windows Phone are available. And do not forget calculators, Even Advanced Scientific ones are available in App stores.

So, Will you be using mobile phones and tablets for this new session? What applications do you recommend?

Rohit Langde is an Android Enthusiast and has a blog dedicated to Google Android titled Droidsolute. Being Engineering Student, he collected above apps which would help students in various tasks. He also loves gaming so don’t forget to check out Best Free Android Games and Top Paid Android Games.

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