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A Brief Look into Apple Watch Specifications

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Apple Inc. – just the name is enough with awesome products like Macintosh, Apple iPhone, iPads, and iPods. Now a new gadget has been added to their portfolio in the form of Apple Watch. With some cool features, Apple Watch is setting new records in the field of watches. Everything has gone to a digital world now and they are changing the rules of the game. Here are some cool features of this new revolutionary watch.


Once again, Apple is rewriting history with some of the cool specifications ever presented to mankind with two different sizes and three models to choose from. The smaller one comes in the size 38mm, while the largest one measures 42mm. The resolution of this watch is superb with smaller one having a 1.5-inch screen with 272*340display, while the larger one has a 1.65 inch screen with 312*390 display. With a new feature called Force Touch, the watch can sense applied pressure. This allows the device to differentiate between a press and tap. There is also a cool feature called Taptic engine, which is a linear actuator inside the watch that offers feedback to your wrist.

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Battery Life

For how long the Apple Watch will last? This is a question, which comes to everyone’s mind who wants to buy it. But good news for those buyers is that Apple is claiming a battery life of 18 hours with a single charge. You will get the same amount of battery power life as that of its rivals- LG G Watch and Samsung Gear S


There are many features showcased by Apple, which will help it distinguish from other watches. It has a customer version of iOS and with all apps presented within a small circle. With a touch screen, the capability of the same is great. The digital crown has a great take on the traditional watches, helping you scroll through results with features, including stopwatch, stock quotes, and weather updates. There are also many ranges of watches to choose from and each one has a different color scheme.


With so many apps like watch faces, stand reminders, and delivery results, Apple is reinventing the way we see mobile apps. Calendar app helps you get in touch with all sorts of day-to-day activities like your plans for the day; you can navigate yourself through the app too.

With all these features and specs, Apple is breaking all sorts of rules and reinventing the way we see watches.

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