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Apple iPhone 5 – Should you buy or not?

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After a lot of buzz around the world, Apple unveiled iPhone 5 today. I’ve seen many of my friends postponed their ideas to get Android or Windows Phone, by considering the confirmation of Apple Product launch on September 12th. I’ve keenly followed the Apple’s keynote on the launch and to be frank, after checking at the rumors around the web and also, considering the previous innovations of Apple, I’ve expected a lot from iPhone 5 which turned out be a vain.

Apple iPhone 5

I’m neither an Apple Fan boy nor Android Fan boy, I always love to speak the truth, by staying biased. Let us check out some of the enhancements that Apple managed to introduce in its iPhone 5.

Few Considerable Enhancements of iPhone 5.

  • Bigger Screen (4-inch) and Lighter weight.
  • A6 processor, 1.2 MP front camera and 720p HD video as well as backside illumination sensor.
  • Improved video stabilization, enabled to take photos while recording the video and introduced Facial detection.
  • iOS 6.
  • Apple EarPods is another special attraction.
  • Improved battery life.
  • 8 – pin Signal design adopter – Lightning
  • 4G LTE.
  • Improved resolution – 1136 x 640 with 326 ppi.
  • Panorama.
  • Nano SIM.
  • Claimed as world’s most thinnest SmartPhone.

iphone 5 earpods

Excluding these features and few other hardware enhancements, you don’t find anything new in your iPhone 5. I don’t comment on the word that “The Innovation of Apple Ended with Steve Jobs”, but still I didn’t find any significant enhancements in previous releases like Macbook Pro 2012. So, should you buy/upgrade to iPhone 5 or settle down with iPhone 4S.

As per me, I’d like to get an iPhone 4S for just $99 (contract) instead of paying $199 for new iPhone 5 (contract), because according to me, I didn’t find any sort of significant enhancements between iPhone 4S and iPhone 5, so for just a couple of minimal enhancements, I’ll not pay $100 extra, but yes I accept the fact that new iPhone 5 is faster as it is loaded with A6 processor, but again we don’t find any sort of hiccups in iPhone 4S as well.

Here are some of the things, that might have forced me to buy iPhone 5.

  • Improved Concept of Siri. (No considerable enhancements)
  • Improved Camera. (Pretty much the same)
  • Improved Design. (Almost Same design)
  • Freedom from iTunes.
  • Other Latest enhancements.

Of course, I accept that Apple made few successful attempts by introducing 4G LTE, Face detection, A6 Processor, EarPods and few other things. Finally, if you ask me “whether to buy/upgrade to iPhone 5”, I’d just say no, unless you are a crazy Apple Fan boy, because instead of investing additional $100 on iPhone 5(contract), you can just go with iPhone 4S or you can also get iPhone 4 for free.

If you already have an iPhone 4S, just call AT & T support and ask them whether you can upgrade your device, so that by paying $35 you can upgrade your iPhone 4S to iPhone 5. If you are planning to go for wither Android or Windows 8 phone, I believe it is the best time for you to try the new devices. Other devices like HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S3, Nokia Lumia 9200 are giving strong competition for iPhone 5 Ledertasche and we need to see how people receive it once it hits the market.

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8 Comments to Apple iPhone 5 – Should you buy or not?

  1. I hope this phone lives up to its hype….when i saw the queue at the opening of store for the purchase of this phone i realized people are in for it for the hype. Thanks for the heads up though

  2. The iPhone 5 is slick and almost will be Apple’s best selling device yet. iPhone 5 is the best phone that bits its rivals on just about every metric. I’m just loving this device.

  3. Hi Siddartha,

    I don’t agree with the thing “improved camera”. Many iPhone 5 users are complaining about the purple flared pictures they have taken from iPhone 5 as compared to iPhone 4/4S
    And what about the buggy maps? 😛

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