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Apple iPad 2 vs Blackberry RIM Playbook: The Tablet War

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In this article we are going to deal with the comparison between Apple iPad 2 vs RIM Playbook, as we’ve compared other Gadget Elements like Galaxy Tab vs iPad, Droid vs Droid X and here we are going to deal with iPad vs Playbook. Apple iPad is one of the most famous Tablet PCs available in the world, while RIM playbook is not as famous as iPad but still it was able to build its own fan base. Blackberry announced RIM’s playbook with huge expectations and was specially designed to give fierce competition to Apple’s iPad, let us check out was RIMs Playbook a real competition for Apple iPad in our article i.e. ipad vs playbook.

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Here is our comparison by considering various features and benefits taking the iPad vs Playbook battle to the next round.

Comparing Apple iPad vs Playbook

#1. Design and Structure war between iPad vs Playbook

In our first point of comparison between ipad vs playbook, we’ll deal with Design and Structure of both Tablet PCs. The PlayBook is around 10mm thick compared to iPad which has a thickness of 13.4 mm. In terms of weight also the PlayBook scores over iPad because it weighs just around 0.9 lbs compared to the lightest iPad which is around 1.5 lbs.

However, this weight difference has to be looked into the background of the screen size. iPad’s screen size is bigger than PlayBook. If people decide to choose merely on size and weight, then PlayBook wins else its Apple iPad who is going to win when the user chooses bigger screen. Hence it is considered as even competition between iPad 2 vs Playbook when it comes to screen size and weight which highly depends on user’s choice.

Apple iPad 2 vs Blackberry RIM Playbook

#2. Screen Resolution and Camera war between iPad vs Playbook

In our second point of comparison between iPad vs Playbook, we are going to check about Screen Resolution and Cameras. The Resolution is yet another important aspect that provides the quality experience in the Devices, fortunately iPad and Playbook were loaded with almost same resolution where Playbook supports 1024 x 600 resoultion while iPad’s display resolution is 1024 x 768. iPad vs Playbook race for camera will be really interesting in the next para.

But, when it comes to camera Playbook is termed as ultimate winner. Since, iPad needs accessories like Camera, iPad connector to VGA adaptor, connection kit and certain other accessories if it has to function normally perfectly. On the other hand, PlayBook has a built-in microUSB connector and also it has a micro HDMI and these should be enough to help a customer play a number of devices without having the need to carry around accessories and attachments.

And also iPad comes with 5 mp rear and VGA front camera with 760/30p video where as Playbook comes with 5 mp rear camera and 3 mp front camera with 1080p video capacity. So, in camera war between iPad vs Playbook, its Blackberry RIM playbook who beats iPad.

Apple iPad vs Blackberry RIM Playbook

#3. Processor and Memory war between iPad vs Playbook

And, in our 3rd point of comparison between iPad vs Playbook, we are going to compare memory and processor elements. Apple iPad 2 runs with A5 dual core at 1 GHZ while Playbook runs with ARM Cortex A9 dual core. Initially Apple iPad used ARM Cortex A8, by naming it as Apple A4. While the current processor is 2x faster than the previous. While people claim the Apple A5 is same as ARM Cortex A9. So, Apple iPad and Blackberry Playbook were loaded with same processing speed which reflects the fact that the comparison between ipad vs playbook ended in draw.

When it comes to Memory both iPad and Playbook comes with 16 GB or 32 GB or 64GB models which were considered as having better memory capacity which are capable in beating other competitors like Galaxy Tab, Xoom, HP Touch Pad etc. So, in Camera and Processor war between iPad vs Playbook, both were loaded with almost same features and its a tight draw.

Apple iPad vs Blackberry RIM Playbook

#4. Battery Life and Other Features comparison between iPad vs Playbook

In our 4th point of comparison between ipad vs playbook, we are going to deal with battery life and other elements. The Battery Life of the Devices claimed by the Companies were all trash, as this highly depends on the usage of the device. If you run a Music, Gaming sort of files or even apps with brightness etc., things will lead the Battery Life. But somehow Apple iPad tend to have better battery life when compared to Playbook. According to the claimed reports of the companies Apple iPad can stand around 10 hrs while Playbook was around 6 hrs. So, obviously iPad is considered as winner when it comes to battery life war between ipad vs playbook.

When it comes to connectivity, PlayBook offers a full Adobe Flash 10.1 with HTML 5 support. Though as of today not many websites use HTML 5, the day will not be far off when almost all the websites will veer towards HTML 5. If that happens PlayBook is better equipped to win the iPad vs Playbook battle.

Another important aspect is HDMI port, PlayBook allows the customer to connect his set to an external HD display, and the set will enable stream video at 1080p, which is far ahead of iPad’s 576p capability.

Apple iPad vs Blackberry RIM Playbook Specs Comparison


In our final case of comparison between ipad vs playbook, we’ll deal about market following. The only thing that bothers Blackberry RIM playbook is Marketing. This could a major area where PlayBook may score heavily against iPad when it comes to marketing. Not that Apple is unaware of this problem. On the whole there are other features too which need to be taken account. After a close analysis of the various pros and cons, both ipad and PlayBook are evenly matched, though ipad may score slightly more in totality because of the fact that they have been around in this field for a much longer period of time. So, considering these facts one must say that in the competition between ipad vs playbook, iPad is the Kind with additional benefits.

So, in almost all major considerations RIM playbook matches iPad and gives it even competition which ends the comparison between iPad vs Playbook as a draw.

Hope you enjoyed reading the comparison between Apple iPad vs Playbook from Blackberry.

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8 Comments to Apple iPad 2 vs Blackberry RIM Playbook: The Tablet War

  1. Hi Siidhartha,

    Great comparison, on Playbook we can integrate Blackberry smart phones to Playbook over bridge application, that type of functions we can’t on Ipad2.

    Your comparison helpful users to choose which is suitable device for their usage.

    Thanking you.

  2. A very fair review. Ipad has more gaming apps but Playbook has tethering which means one needs only a single smartphone plan. On the apps side I have about 10 apps that I regularly use so that does not make much difference.
    On the size factor I agree that is a matter of personal preference. But my Playbook has virtually replaced casual home computer use. I also like to check things before sleeping. Playbook is perfect size for use in coffee shops, airports and planes. So I give the Playbook the thumbs up.

  3. with the Playbook having a micro USB port, could you not use an adapter to connect a flash drive or reader? If so, the Playbook would break this tie. Also, the other comparison I would have liked to see was for costs. If you have a BB phone, the Playbook connects to the internet through the same account. Can the iPad do this? I don’t know for sure, but I thought it could not. Except wifi of course.

  4. Thanks for the comparison; son just got his iPad and loves it. I tried it out and it is cool how intuitive it is compared to using my Dell laptop. However, I am a BB fan and user – have several BB Torch’s in the family, so lean toward Playbook. Son says BB is going down the tube corporately. I don’t read that in the news I follow. What is your take on Rim’s corporate future.

  5. I have BB so then i wanna try Ipad2 cause seems to me that having playbook is just like the big version of BB.

  6. There is an excellent article today in PC world on RIM.

    One thing I should mention. I just got a mini HDMI cable. Plugged into the TV I can show pictures, movies, or share web browsing. Basically mirroring my playbook screen. No lagging, perfect pictures.

    I hardly use my home computer at all anymore. My wife seldom uses the ipad and never takes it with her. So Playbook is our defacto travel computer.

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